Free SoftMaker Office License for new Customers

David Hamrick

Note: This promotion ends March 15

Happy New Year!

We’re excited to partner with SoftMaker Office in January to offer a free license of Softmaker Office Standard Edition to all customers who purchase a VueScan license.

SoftMaker Office Screenshot

If you aren’t familiar with Softmaker Office, it is an impressive office suite that is a drop in replacement for Microsoft Office. It is fully compatible with Microsoft’s Office formats (like .docx, .pptx, .xlsx).

Have you ever wanted to cut ties with Microsoft? Maybe you’re using Linux and still want a full featured Office Suite. Maybe you’re using macOS but don’t want to pay a monthly subscription to Office 365. Softmaker office is the perfect solution to that problem.

The latest version of Softmaker Office is fully macOS Monterey/M1 compatible (just like VueScan), includes enhanced version control letting you travel back in time with your documents, and has an improved user interface for creating diagrams/SVGs.

We think Softmaker Office is a great complement to VueScan, so we’re giving away a free license when you purchase VueScan.