Adding OCR Languages in VueScan

Ed Hamrick

VueScan has built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for English. There are 32 additional languages you can use by downloading one of the ocr_xx.bin files below.

These files contain data about the character set used in each of these languages, and the OCR results will be better if you use them.

To add support for additional languages in the “Output | OCR text language” option, you need to download a language-specific file. Store this file on your hard drive in one of the following locations:

Operating System Download Location
macOS /Users/Shared
Windows (VueScan 9.1 and earlier) c:\vuescan
Windows (VueScan 9.2 and later) same location as vuescan.log or c:\Program Files\VueScan
Linux same location as vuescan.log or with vuescan executable program

Supported OCR Languages

Click on one of these links and save the file in the location described above:

File name Language
ocr_bg.bin Bulgarian
ocr_ca.bin Catalan
ocr_zh.bin Chinese (Simplified)
ocr_tw.bin Chinese (Traditional)
ocr_cs.bin Czech
ocr_da.bin Danish
ocr_nl.bin Dutch
Built-in English
ocr_fi.bin Finnish
ocr_fr.bin French
ocr_de.bin German
ocr_el.bin Greek
ocr_hu.bin Hungarian
ocr_id.bin Indonesian
ocr_it.bin italian
ocr_ja.bin Japanese
ocr_ko.bin Korean
ocr_lv.bin Latvian
ocr_lt.bin Lithuanian
ocr_no.bin Norwegian
ocr_pl.bin Polish
ocr_pt.bin Portuguese
ocr_ro.bin Romanian
ocr_ru.bin Russian
ocr_sr.bin Serbian
ocr_sk.bin Slovak
ocr_sl.bin Slovenian
ocr_es.bin Spanish
ocr_sv.bin Swedish
ocr_th.bin Thai
ocr_tl.bin Tagalog
ocr_tr.bin Turkish
ocr_uk.bin Ukrainian
ocr_vi.bin Vietnamese