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NAPS2 Alternative

Looking for an alternative to NAPS2? VueScan is here to help

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Looking for an alternative to NAPS2?

NAPS2 is a good, basic software application for scanning PDFs on Windows. But you might be looking to do more than NAPS2 is able to do. You might also want to use a scanner that isn’t supported by NAPS2, because it doesn’t have a native Windows driver available for it.

Why VueScan is a good alternative to NAPS2

VueScan works differently than NAPS2. VueScan uses built-in drivers that we reverse engineered ourselves. We also use WIA drivers as a backup in case we haven’t created a driver for that scanner model yet. This is the biggest advantage of VueScan over NAPS2. Many customers have switched to VueScan from NAPS2 when Windows updates their operating system and they discover that there is no longer a driver provided by either their scanner manufacturer or Windows themselves.

NAPS2 Pros

  1. Simple to use interface
  2. Free and open source
  3. Built-in OCR engine
  4. Tools for power users - like a command line version

NAPS2 Cons

  1. Only works on scanners with WIA/Twain driver
  2. Only available on Windows
  3. Lacks advanced scanning functions

VueScan Pros

  1. Works on over 6,000+ scanners, including scanners without WIA
  2. Works on Windows, macOS, and Linux
  3. Great for scanning documents, photos, film and slides
  4. New scanners are added every month

Every day thousands of people download VueScan to fix their old scanner

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