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Looking for an alternative to Silverfast?

Silverfast and VueScan are the most commonly used professional tools for scanning film and slides. They both can also be used to scan other things like documents and photos. Many people are looking for an alternative to Silverfast because they have found it doesn’t fit all of their needs. Some find the user interface hard to use or are turned off by another aspect of it.

Why VueScan is a good alternative

VueScan is a great alternative to Silverfast. For the same (or better) scan quality - you can purchase VueScan for a fraction of the cost. It also comes with lifetime free updates (for the Professional Edition) and works on all scanners that you own, not just the one that you purchase it for (like Silverfast). Thousands of customers have switched from Silverfast to VueScan.

Silverfast Pros

  1. Might come bundled with your scanner
  2. Works on a variety of scanners (although you need to pay separately for each scanner you use it with)
  3. Lasersoft also sells IT8 calibration targets
  4. Dust and scratch removal

Silverfast Cons

  1. Very expensive - can cost hundreds of dollars depending on which scanner you want to use it with
  2. Limited license: you can only use Silverfast on the scanner you purchase it for
  3. Hard to use User-Interface

VueScan Pros

  1. Much less expensive than Silverfast
  2. Produces better images than Silverfast
  3. Only need a single license (and it comes with lifetime Free Updates)
  4. Customers find the user interface more intuitive

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