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Since 1998, VueScan has helped over 900,000 customers get the most out of their scanner

VueScan Reviews "The application supports over 7,000 different scanner models and offers you either fully automatic use or the configuration of all relevant parameters."

Image Science "Put simply - If you scan, you should more than likely be scanning with VueScan!"

PC Pro Magazine "It's the benchmark for driving scanners and, to be blunt, nothing comes close."

DPReview "Overall, the winner in this roundup has to be Hamrick Software's VueScan."

Macworld "Breathe new life into your old scanner with this handy scanning tool"

Outdoor Photography Canada "VueScan is inexpensive, versatile and easy-to-use scanning software that allows photographers to get high quality out of a huge variety of flatbed and film scanners"

GIGA Software "VueScan ist ein Scan-Tool, das eine ganze Reihe nützlicher Funktionen beim Scannen eurer Papiervorlagen bietet. (VueScan is a scanning tool that provides a number of useful functions for scanning your paper documents.)"

PC Magazine "Delivers higher-quality output than the drivers that come with most scanners."

MacLife "Instead of buying new hardware, there's a software remedy."

Computer Shopper "Hamrick Software's VueScan Professional is our favourite cross-platform scanner interface"

Smart Computing "If you frequently scan printed documents or film images, we think you'll love it. We did."

PC World "If you really like your venerable flatbed scanner, and have no desire to discard it, VueScan can be your answer."

Washington Post "if your scanner is valuable enough to you, Hamrick Software's VueScan can probably keep it operational"

Mac Guild "VueScan is great for hobbyists ... as well as for advanced users"

Photography Corner "I was really impressed with VueScan and how easy it was to use"

MacWorld Magazine "If you've got an older scanner ... or a supported scanner that's sorely lacking software features - check out VueScan"

MacFormat Magazine "There's no need to throw an old scanner away - try VueScan instead!"

Applelinks "I've found that VueScan lives up to its claims, and is a powerful and pleasant, even fun to use piece of software."

Digital Camera Shopper "VueScan really can create very high quality scans from almost any scanner."

Mac360 "If I believed in magic, I'd swear that Ed Hamrick has some sprinkled into VueScan."

Connected Photographer "Wouldn't I be better off using the software from my vendor? The answer, simply, is no. VueScan will almost always give you better quality, color and output options."

Technofile "VueScan won my admiration in a heartbeat. It became part of my image-scanning routine almost immediately."

Amateur Photographer "It delivers high quality scans without any fuss ... it is quite possibly the only scanner driver you will ever need"

MACUP Magazin "grosse Funktionsvielfalt und ausgezeichnetes Preis-Leistungs-Verhaeltnis (large variety of functions and excellent price performance ratio)" Review "for slides and negatives, VueScan is truly a God-send"

Imaging Resource "we liked the results VueScan delivered and were particularly impressed with its handling of color negatives"

iCreate Magazine "Take the chore out of scanning and editing your files and photos with this scanning and image-correction software"

Shutterbug "VueScan 8.0 is the Swiss Army Knife for 100 different scanners and now supports raw files for 109 digital cameras. "

Macworld "VueScan opens the door to professional-quality scanner control, and while it won't make you a pro overnight, it will give you the necessary tools at an amazingly low price."

Computer User "VueScan seems to produce better digital images from my reflective and transparency originals than my two scanners' stock software."

Macintosh User's Group "If you have a scanner and the software doesn't do much for you I would suggest that you give VueScan a try"

PC Magazine "should be of interest to imaging pro or enthusiast who wants the best possible photo scan quality" "If you're serious about scanning, it's well worth downloading a demo copy to try out." "I've found that VueScan lives up to its claims, and is a powerful and pleasant, even fun to use piece of software."

PC Photo Review "To say it works is an understatement. I have used all of the other high dollar and native programs and this one rocks."

Mac Addict Magazine "Ed Hamrick's VueScan is a pretty remarkable program" (and awarded "Best Utility" award for 2002)

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