Introducing VueScan Basic Edition

David Hamrick

We have an exciting announcement today. VueScan has existed now for 24 years (coming up on our 25th anniversary!) and in that entire time we’ve primarily had two editions: the Standard Edition and the Professional Edition.

For many years we’ve had potential customers tell us that the two editions were too expensive for them and that they just needed to do some simple scanning and wanted to continue to use their existing hardware.

So we released the Basic Edition. It’s is a lower-cost option for customers who just need to get their scanner working again and don’t need a lot of features or complexity. If you need to scan in a signed-document, scan a few old photos, or just keep your scanner working for that occasional time you need to use it, the basic edition might be for you.

The basic edition allows you to use a flatbed scanner to scan JPEG images. It won’t allow you to use a document feeder or film scanner, and won’t allow you to do things like manipulate multipage PDFs. But we think that it is important to provide an option for those customers who just need a light-weight option.

You can find out information about the exact feature set and pricing on our pricing page here