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Professional Edition One Time Purchase

Most popular


$19.95 /mo

The most powerful controls for all your scanners

  • Flatbed Scanning
  • Save to JPG, PDF, TIFF, OCR, RAW
  • Professional Options
  • Auto Crop
  • Enable Document Feeders
  • Enable Film/Slide Scanners

Professional Edition Subscription

$19.95 /mo

Perfect for short term film/slide scanning projects

  • Flatbed Scanning
  • Save to JPG, PDF, TIFF, OCR, RAW
  • Professional Options
  • Auto Crop
  • Enable Document Feeders
  • Enable Film/Slide Scanners

Standard Edition


$9.95 /mo

Perfect for scanning projects or longer term use

Perfect for short term document/photo scanning projects

  • Flatbed Scanning
  • Save to JPG, PDF, TIFF
  • Standard Options
  • Auto Crop
  • Enable Document Feeders
  • Film/Slide Scanners

Basic Edition


Just the essentials for occasional scanning

  • Flatbed Scanning
  • Save to JPG (No PDF, TIFF)
  • Basic Options
  • Use on 1 computer
  • No Auto Crop
  • Document Feeders
  • Film/Slide Scanners

Displaying Film/Slide Scanner Compatible Editions Only

Frequently asked questions

Can I try VueScan before I purchase?

You can test the trial version of VueScan for as long as you'd like with flatbed scanning, Film/Slide scanning and ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) scanning. You can test most Professional Edition features with the trial version.

Scans from the trial version will have a watermark that can't be removed later.

If your scanner isn't working in the trial mode, it will have the same problem in the paid mode. You can send us a problem report and we'll try to solve any problems you may be having.

We're sure you'll find VueScan to be useful, so we also offer a 7-day money back guarantee after you buy VueScan.

What are the benefits of the VueScan Subscription vs One-time Payment

Paying for the VueScan Subscription is great if you have a project you want to do or only need to VueScan for a short period of time. It's also great if you want to receive updates on an ongoing basis. You'll receive access to the VueScan, as well as all updates, as long as the subscription is active.

The one-time payment option is great if you have occasional needs or don't care too much about receiving updates. You'll receive one year of free updates and usage of the version you paid for indefinitely.

How often are new versions of VueScan released?

There is usually an updated version of VueScan every week or two, and these include improvements, new features, support for additional scanners, bug fixes, and support for new operating systems like Windows 10 and macOS Sonoma

One time purchase licenses are for life. You can continue to use any version that is released with your free update period forever. Every one-time purchase comes with free updates for 1 year. Subscription licenses come with free updates as long as your subscriction is active. Once you end your subscription you can no longer use VueScan.

Can I use VueScan on more than one computer?
You can use the Standard and Professional Editions of VueScan on up to four different computers that you personally own, with any combination of operating systems, and any number of scanners, both x32 and x64, with a single license. For commercial/business use, you must purchase a separate license for each computer that VueScan is used on. You can use the Basic Edition on 1 computer.
How can I keep receiving updates after one year
When you purchase the one-time version of VueScan you can use any version of VueScan that was released within your initial year of updates indefinitely. To keep receiving updates after one year, you can sign up for the VueScan Update Program, a subscription service that allows you to receive updates for a yearly fee. With this program, you will be able to access any version of VueScan released while your Update Program subscription is active. Once your subscription ends, you can continue to use any version of VueScan that you received updates for indefinitely. To sign up for the VueScan Update Program, visit this page.
I already have a VueScan License but want to contribute to the development of VueScan. How can I do this?

It's fantastic to hear that you're interested in further supporting VueScan! Even as an existing license holder, your contributions are invaluable in helping us enhance and develop the software.

To contribute, consider joining the VueScan Supporter Program. This program allows you to provide additional support in a way that works for you, either through a one-time contribution or an ongoing basis. Your contributions help us continue to improve VueScan, ensuring it meets your evolving needs.

To join the VueScan Supporter Program or make a contribution, please visit this page. Every contribution makes a significant difference, and we're grateful for your commitment to VueScan's future.

Is VueScan a subscription?
No, when you purchase the VueScan you can use it for as long as you like. Your license is for life and you don't need to pay monthly or yearly.

You can either purchase VueScan as a one-off purchase, or as a subscription. The subscription is useful if you want to use VueScan for a short period of time, for something like a scanning project. The one-time payment is useful for long term use.

The subscription can be cancelled (or restarted) at any time – for as many times as you like. And at any point you can purchase a one-time only license.

If I purchase the Basic/Standard Edition now, can I upgrade to the Professional Edition later?
If you purchase the one-time purchase of VueScan, you can upgrade to the Standard or Professional Edition at any time. There is currently no way to upgrade editions on a subscription.
Are there multi-user license discounts?
Yes! You can purchase multi-user licenses for VueScan