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John Robbins

I’ve been using VueScan for nearly 20 years. It has beautifully operated my near-antique Konica/Minolta DiMage Elite 5400II filmscanner and, until a recent computer upgrade, an Epson Perfection 1200S (S for SCSI). Now I have an Epson V19 and still use the Konica/Minolta, and VueScan still performs outstandingly. Thanks, Ed, for the many years of terrific service! See review on Facebook

Alfred Schmidt

Super software - great service! The scan software saves me a lot of trouble and buying a new scanner! Thanks to the team! See review on Facebook

Jan Hogle

I purchased VueScan years ago, I actually don't recall when. I still get regular updates. It has saved the scanners in this household from the landfill that worked fine until OS updates left them without support from their respective manufacturers. In fact, I think VueScan works better than the drivers from the manufacturer, at least for my devices. Thanks, guys. Very much appreciated! See review on Facebook

Peter Yurowitz

I have 3 scanners in perfect condition, each no longer supported by their respective manufacturers, and no longer recognized by the latest version of MacOS. It was only after I purchased a new, supported and recognized scanner (big mistake) that I discovered Vuescan. The product instantly identified the ild, connected scanners, and brought them back to life. The new scanner is now sitting around collecting dust. An absolutely magnificent product. Highly recommended. See review on Facebook

Can I try VueScan before I purchase?

You can test VueScan with your scanner for as long as you'd like without buying it first. We're sure you'll find VueScan to be useful, so we also offer a 30-day conditional money back guarantee after you buy VueScan

How long will I get free updates of VueScan?

Your license is for life, which means you can use the version you purchase for as long as you want. You get free updates for one year with the Standard Edition and unlimited free updates with the Professional Edition.

How often are new versions of VueScan released?

There is usually an updated version of VueScan every week or two, and these include improvements, new features, support for additional scanners, bug fixes, and support for new operating systems like Windows 10 and macOS Catalina (10.15).

Can I use VueScan on more than one computer?

You can use VueScan on up to four different computers that you personally use, with any combination of operating systems, and any number of scanners, both x32 and x64, with a single license.

If I purchase the Standard Edition now, can I upgrade to the Professional Edition later?

Yes! You can upgrade to the Professional Edition at any time

How can I get an old serial number or print an invoice?

On this page, you can access old VueScan serial numbers or print an invoice

Are there multi-user license discounts?

Yes! You can purchase multi-user licenses for VueScan