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VueScan.log is a small file that gets created when you run VueScan. It includes debugging information that helps us solve problems with VueScan.

How do I find VueScan.log?

This is where you can include screenshots, scans, or other files that will help you describe your problem.

  • Make sure you've tried using the File | Default Options command first, since this solves more than 50% of reported problems.
  • If you're having a problem with VueScan hanging or not finding your USB scanner, it's almost always a problem with the USB cable. Try a newer and/or shorter USB cable, a different USB port, or a USB 2.0 hub.
  • If you have a Canon printer/scanner/copier and it's not responding, try unplugging it, waiting a minute, plugging it back in and running VueScan again.
  • If VueScan can't find your scanner on the network, make sure the firewalls in in your computer and your router aren't blocking mDNS (UDP port 5353). If it's an older Canon printer/scanner/copier, also check UDP port 8612.
  • If you can't scan film with your flatbed, make sure you've removed the white plastic cover from the lamp in the lid, and make sure you've put the black plastic film holder on the glass properly.
  • You'll usually get a one or two line answer, but you'll get this answer directly from Ed Hamrick
  • Many of our replies are templates, but be assured that your problem report has been carefully read.
  • Make sure you've checked our support pages and FAQs first
  • Please ask one question at a time, and keep it brief :)
  • You'll usually get a one or two line answer, but you'll get this answer directly from Ed Hamrick
  • Many answers are form letters, but be assured that your question has been carefully read.
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