VueScan Newsletter - August 2023


A warm hello to all our regular readers and we’re very pleased to introduce ourselves to so many new readers this month – welcome and thank you for subscribing!

In our last newsletter we talked about a significant new release - VueScan 9.7.98. This introduced AI and Machine Learning technology which was the start of our development work for simplifying and improving the scanning process. We received a lot of incredibly helpful feedback – thank you. We honestly would not be able to do as much development in such a short time frame without the support of all of you.

But – moving on rapidly!

We have evolved immensely in the past few months, and with our latest version (9.8.13) we now offer the groundbreaking ability to automatically detect and crop a variety of small objects such as receipts, business cards, and other documents that don’t take up a full page on a flatbed scanner. This innovative feature is an extension of our pioneering work in automating cropping and straightening processes for photos, slides, and film – and we firmly believe that this new feature demonstrates our commitment to enhancing your user experience as we continually evolve and adapt our software.

What’s next?

Our plan is to create a machine learning model for cropping photo albums/scrapbooks. This has some different characteristics from just scanning photos on a flatbed scanner, so we are kindly requesting many more examples from all our customers. Our aim is to offer the best scanning tools that leverage the power of cutting-edge technology and to provide you with the best digital representation of whatever it is you would like to scan. (Read below to find out how to share preview data with us.)

As always, please continue to contact us with all your product suggestions and comments, they assist us greatly in our planning for future development.

If you’re a Facebook user, please continue to add reviews for us. As a small company it really helps us – so, once again, thank you. (And thank you for telling your friends and colleagues about us.)

Remember you can contact us for technical support (we need a Problem Report) and any general enquiries, suggestions, or feedback here

Remember to send us in any details of your scanning projects. We love to hear about your projects -and other readers find them both useful and interesting.

Thank you for choosing VueScan and reading our newsletter and we look forward to hearing from you.


VueScan Updates

Since the last newsletter, we’ve released VueScan 9.8.14; 9.8.13; 9.8.12; 9.9.11; 9.8.10; 9.8.09; 9.8.08; 9.8.07; 9.8.06, 9.8.05; 9.8.04; 9.8.03; 9.8.02; 9.8.01, 9.7.99.

You can access all version changes here

What’s new in version 9.8.14

  • Significantly improved automatic cropping
    • Improved accuracy of machine learning cropping models for slides and film
    • Improved accuracy of machine learning cropping model for flatbed scans
    • Retrained neural networks with larger data set for more precise results
    • Introduced “fine-tuning” to very accurately detect edges in proximity to the predicted edge

What’s new in version 9.8.13

  • Improved automatic cropping of small media
  • Better cropping of receipts
  • Better cropping of business cards
  • Fixed problems with automatic cropping of film scans

What’s new in version 9.8.12

  • When crop box is selected, arrow keys move by one pixel
  • Save/Save+ button only enabled when something has changed
  • Improved when automatic ‘Scan from preview’ is done
  • Changed File | Default options to also delete calibration file
  • Fixed problem creating new crop box by dragging box with shift key
  • Fixed problem with Input | Auto skew
  • Fixed problem when rearranging or deleting PDF thumbnails
  • Fixed problem with auto file naming of OCR text files

What’s new in version 9.8.11

  • Dragging a crop box while holding the shift key makes a copy of a crop box
  • Double-click resets Crop | Crop size to default
  • Changed Crop | Focus x/y position to be relative to center of crop box
  • Improved display of Crop | Focus x/y position on display (dot with circle around it)
  • Focus position only displayed when Input | Options set to ‘Professional’
  • Fixed a problem with files not saving to disk sometimes

What’s new in:

Version 9.8.10
Version 9.8.09
Version 9.8.08
Version 9.8.07
Version 9.8.06
Version 9.8.05
Version 9.8.04
Version 9.8.03
Version 9.8.02
Version 9.8.01
Version 9.7.99

Using AI and Machine Learning to enhance the power of VueScan

VueScan 9.8.13 is a significant milestone in the advancement of our scanning technology. The automatic cropping of receipts, business cards and documents on a flatbed scanner was challenging due to the vast diversity of objects typically placed on a scanner.

Read more about how Dave Hamrick developed this latest feature here

Please share preview data with us!

In order to share your preview data with us, you need to set an option in the ‘Prefs’ tab. But first, go to the ‘Input’ tab and set Options to Standard or Professional. (This option is not available in Basic mode.) Then go to the Prefs tab and select the checkbox labelled Send Preview Data. Note that you can turn this off at any time and data will no longer be sent to us.

For more detail, please click here

Q & A

Q) I have a support question or a question about using VueScan. How can I quickly get an answer?

A) You can search our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), How-To Guides, the VueScan Manual, old Newsletters, information about scanning and blog posts. Just go to our website click the “Support” button, then type your question into the search box at the top of this page.

Q) I have a new computer; how do I transfer my copy of VueScan to it?

A) The simplest way is to download and install a fresh copy of VueScan from to your new computer. Type the info from your receipt when asked and you’ll be all set. You don’t need to uninstall VueScan from the older computer, but if you want to uninstall VueScan, go to, click the word “Support” and type “uninstall” into the search box.

Q) Help! I’m trying the professional version, scanning a photo. How do I change the output size? The photo is about 3x5 and I want to scan it at 8” wide and have it maintain the ratio. Can someone help me?

A) Use the Output | Printed size option to do this.

Q) I’m experimenting with camera scanning and using Vuescan to convert the negative RAW files into positive Tiffs. I’m happy with the results so far. I would like to retain the original file name with the different suffix using batch scanning but cannot see a way to do this except by saving each one individually which is actually quite difficult in itself. Is this possible? I can’t see it at the moment but it may be possible?

A) Use an output file name like *.tif. The * will be replaced by the file name of the raw file.

Q) Hi! I’m having problem with the link of this old version for 32bit vuex3297*

A) People can download various x32 versions here

Customer Comment

We receive many kind comments from our customers, and we appreciate it very much. We reply to all your emails so please continue to send them in.

Hi Ed,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the update I just got…9.8.05…it fixed the cropping/thumbnail problem perfectly. Now, I can batch scan my 6x6 without having to manually crop ever image.

I love your program! I have Silvefast but never use it. Too complicated and awkward. You’re is the best.

Thank you for creating and updating the software.



I just checked my Vuescan receipt and I purchased Vuescan in April 2002 which means that I have been using Vuescan for almost 21 years on a variety of scanners.

I wanted to say THANK YOU to Ed and the team for such a great product which has gotten better and better over the years.

It is no surprise that you now have so many users. The improvements in this latest update (9.7.98) put you people way ahead of the game.

Thank you again for the help you have provided to me and any others.

Ray from Australia.

Hi Beverley,

I’ve recently retired after 55 years in the print industry. I’ve used VueScan Professional for many years, saving much money by not needing to continually buy new scanners every few years. I was in sales, so didn’t need the newest scanner for my work. I did use VueScan every day and without fail was able to accomplish all types of scans quickly and successfully over the past eighteen years I’ve had VueScan.

Now I’m looking forward to working with VueScan to convert my library of personal color slides and prints to digital images.

If anyone is reading this message and trying to decide if it’s worth buying, my answer is absolutely yes! Get the professional version, I can’t count the number of free updates I’ve had over the years!

Great software and superior value for your money!

New Jersey. USA.

Dear Hamrick Software:

I had to scan something. Oh.. my software is out of date for my operating system. On to your website, boom downloaded and click to install.

Click on the software… showing my printer will scan it (instead of my ScanSnap)… Ok easier.. 3 pages. Boom done.

Do you mind popping over to Apple and helping them fix up their software?? ?????

Youse guys and gals rock. Great product. Always there when I need ya!!


A Happy Customer….
Alison, Canada.