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Hello to all our regular readers and welcome to everyone just joining us!

In our last two newsletters we have discussed how we are using AI and Machine Learning to add brand new groundbreaking features. This development work has continued and in a recent update we now have the option to remove hole punches in a scanned document. This may sound small! But the technology we have used is not a fixed-template approach but is totally innovative and, we think, demonstrates how we can continually improve your scanning experience – and this approach will be used for many other developments. For detailed information carry on reading! Once again, thank you so much for your comments and suggestions. All of these are carefully considered and form the basis of much of our planning and development – so please continue to email us.

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And please continue to send us photos and details of your scanning projects. We love to find out how VueScan is being used and we know that everyone enjoys learning from other customers.

Thank you for being with us and we look forward to hearing from you.


VueScan Updates

Since the last newsletter, we’ve released VueScan 9.8.20, 9.8.19, 9.8.18, 9.8.17, 9.8.16 and 9.8.15.

You can access all version changes here

What’s new in version 9.8.20

  • Added support for 15 Brother Laser MFP scanners.
    • Brother DCP-L3515CDW
    • Brother DCP-L3520CDW
    • Brother DCP-L3528CDW
    • Brother DCP-L3555CDW
    • Brother DCP-L3560CDW
    • Brother DCP-L3568CDW
    • Brother HL-L3300CDW
    • Brother MFC-L3720CDW
    • Brother MFC-L3740CDW
    • Brother MFC-L3755CDW
    • Brother MFC-L3760CDW
    • Brother MFC-L3768CDW
    • Brother MFC-L3780CDW
    • Brother MFC-L8340CDW
    • Brother MFC-L8390CDW

What’s new in version 9.8.19

  • Added support for 25 Dell Laser MFP scanners (made by Samsung)
    • Dell Laser MFP 1125
    • Dell Laser MFP 1133
    • Dell Laser MFP 1135n
    • Dell Laser MFP 1600n
    • Dell Laser MFP 2135cn
    • Dell Laser MFP 2145cn
    • Dell Laser MFP 2335dn
    • Dell Laser MFP 2355dn
    • Dell Laser MFP 3115cn
    • Dell Laser MFP 3333dn
    • Dell Laser MFP 3335dn
    • Dell Laser MFP B1163
    • Dell Laser MFP B1163w
    • Dell Laser MFP B1165nfw
    • Dell Laser MFP B1265dfw
    • Dell Laser MFP B1265dnf
    • Dell Laser MFP B2375dfw
    • Dell Laser MFP B2375dnf
    • Dell Laser MFP B3465dn
    • Dell Laser MFP B3465dnf
    • Dell Laser MFP B5465dnf
    • Dell Laser MFP C1765nf
    • Dell Laser MFP C1765nfw
    • Dell Laser MFP C2665dnf
    • Dell Laser MFP C3765dnf
  • Reduced memory utilization
  • Increased processing speed with multiple images
  • Fixed problem with Minolta Scan Elite 5400 II

What’s new in version 9.8.18

  • Improved cropping with additional training of neural networks
  • Improved performance with large images
  • Fixed problem using x32 and a32 versions with large images
  • Fixed problem using Linux versions with thumbnails
  • Reduced amount of memory used
  • No longer rounds pixel width on some Epson scanners to multiple of 8 pixels

What’s new in version 9.8.17

  • Help | Manual… displays PDF version of VueScan Manual when offline
  • PDF manual also available here
  • Added support for PIE PrimeFilm 7250 Plus
  • Improved automatic cropping
  • Fixed problem with auto-focus on some Minolta film scanners

What’s new in version 9.8.16

  • Improved automatic cropping
  • Added Input | Hole punch removal option
  • Fixed problem with Canon MF632

What’s new in version 9.8.15

  • Improved automatic cropping on flatbed scanners
  • Added support for 46 Canon scanners
    • Canon E4500
    • Canon E4570
    • Canon E4580
    • Canon E4590
    • Canon GX3000
    • Canon GX3010
    • Canon GX3020
    • Canon GX3040
    • Canon GX3050
    • Canon GX3060
    • Canon GX3070
    • Canon GX3072
    • Canon GX3080
    • Canon GX3090
    • Canon GX3091
    • Canon GX3092
    • Canon GX4000
    • Canon GX4010
    • Canon GX4020
    • Canon GX4030
    • Canon GX4040
    • Canon GX4050
    • Canon GX4060
    • Canon GX4070
    • Canon GX4080
    • Canon GX4090
    • Canon GX4091
    • Canon GX4092
    • Canon TR4600
    • Canon TR4640
    • Canon TR4650
    • Canon TR4651
    • Canon TR4660
    • Canon TR4665
    • Canon TR4670
    • Canon TR4670S
    • Canon TR4680
    • Canon TR4690
    • Canon TR4695
    • Canon TR4700
    • Canon TR4720
    • Canon TR4722
    • Canon TR4723
    • Canon TR4725
    • Canon TR4750i
    • Canon TR4751i


Q) Something I’d like is the ability to move the crop box around with the arrow keys (up, down, left, right). Especially when I just need to nudge it into place. That includes the “Crop View” tab!

A) VueScan 9.8.16 does this. Just click on a crop box to select it (the blue bubbles will appear on the corners) then press the up down left and right keys.

Q) VueScan seems to use a lot of memory when I scan a whole roll of film or many raw files. It seems to run slowly when I can lots of frames. How can I solve this?

A) VueScan 9.8.18 and 9.8.19 have a lot of improvements in this area. It mainly allocates large memory blocks in the temporary disk storage area and maps them into memory (which is very fast) when needed and unmaps them when not needed. We also found a number of other areas where large blocks of memory were allocated for each frame, when these blocks were only needed temporarily. A nice benefit of these improvements is that the x32 (Windows) and a32 (Raspberry Pi) versions of VueScan can now handle a whole roll of film or a large number of raw files.

Q) Many people ask about scanning many negatives with unusual sizes, including 120 roll film, 45 and 810 format. Can VueScan scan these?

A) Yes, set Crop | Crop size to Auto and set Crop | Multi crop. If you have an image that doesn’t seem to crop properly, send a raw file of it to and David will add it to the neural network training set.

Q) I just bought a new scanner and VueScan doesn’t support it. It seems very similar to other scanners that VueScan supports. Can you add support for it?

A) Usually yes, with very little effort. Send a vuescan.log file after connecting it with USB and running VueScan. We can often send you a test version within 24 hours.

Q) I have an idea for improving VueScan that I think most VueScan users would like. Can I get you to implement this idea?

A) Usually yes, if we’re convinced that a large number of users would need this and if it isn’t a huge amount of work (i.e. would take more than a few days to implement).

Removing Hole Punches in a Scanned Document

We all know about the need for and importance of digitizing documents and just how quickly this demand is growing. But the transition to digital brings with its own set of unique challenges.

In this article, David Hamrick (VueScan developer) explains just why the lowly, ubiquitous hole punch is so important when it comes to scanning your documents.

VueScan Tutorials

A few years ago, we introduced some tutorials kindly supplied to us by a customer – Christopher. We’re happy to say that Christopher has updated them and we can share these with you again!

About Christopher

Christopher Crawford has been a fulltime artist and photographer for nearly 30 years. He has created a wide range of photography tutorials for both film and digital work that he shares on his YouTube channel and his tutorials website, His most popular tutorials are his VueScan tutorials, his digital printing tutorials, and his tested film developing times.

Customer Comment

We receive many kind comments from our customers, and we appreciate it very much. We reply to all your emails so please continue to contact us.

I have been using VueScan for well over decades. Its an amazing program which has been keeping my trusty Nikon LS 40 scanning many of my underwater slides of 30 to 40 years of age with, for me, great results.

With much helpful advice from friends, Wolf Faust and the book by Sascha Steinhoff I have managed to compile all the needed icc for even Agfa slides. That last one took some doing!

In the latest version of your program, the addition of the AUTO option in Restore fading has been a godsend.

Now using sometimes a mix of Restore colour, Restore fading it is possible to generate from a troublesome underwater or above water slide good results. As well, those controls assist in creative process, especially underwater slides.

Keep up the good work.

Warm Regards,
Alex, Queensland, Australia.


I have been using VueScan for quite a number of years and you guys never cease to amaze me.

I have yet to meet a scanner that VueScan cannot handle. A couple of years ago I borrowed a really expensive, but old, Firewire Slide Scanner from a friend who warned me that he had lost the driver disk and could not find one on-line.

“Driver Disc, who needs a driver disk, I have VueScan” was my reply. I was right!

Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated.

Peter, USA.

Wow, you guys are phenomenal! I will continue to spread the word. Nothing compares to an investment in VueScan.

Chuck, USA.

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