VueScan Newsletter - August 2021


As all our ‘old’ customers know, we regularly release updates. These are mainly adding new scanners, fixing problems and making small improvements to VueScan as suggested by yourselves. Then, every so often, we have a release that we are very excited about – and this is one of them!

VueScan 9.7.63!

VueScan 9.7.63 has multipage PDF thumbnails – which many of you have requested and we’ve worked hard on for a while. VueScan has been able to scan multipage PDF’s for years, but you couldn’t view or manipulate the previous pages you had scanned without using an external editor. So now you can visually see what you’re working with and you can make changes and corrections as you go along.

VueScan started its life as a tool for film scanning. And for a long time, the user interface in VueScan has been tied to that paradigm. But as film scanning becomes more of a specialist use, and document scanning continues to ascend, we want to make VueScan the best possible tool for all kinds of scanning. So, whether you’re scanning documents, film/slides, photos, or more, VueScan has the tools to help you get the most out of your scanner.

You can read all about it here

We would be very interested to hear how you are using it and any feedback you have would be appreciated. As always, both for this new feature and everything else, please continue to email us with your comments, product suggestions and user stories. For those of you who are new to us, we’re a small team and nearly all of our product development is customer driven. Your feedback is vital to us keeping VueScan up to date and meeting your needs. Plus, we really want to hear about your amazing scanning projects.

Please remember you can contact us for technical support (we need a Problem Report) and any general enquiries, suggestions or feedback here

Although thankfully many countries have seen improvements with Covid 19, please continue to take care and be safe.

Best wishes, Beverley.

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VueScan Updates

Since the last newsletter, we’ve released VueScan 9.7.65, 9.7.64, 9.7.63, 9.7.62, 9.7.61, 9.7.60, 9.7.59 and 9.7.58.

You can access all version changes here

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.65

  • Added support for rotating pages with right-click on thumbnail
  • Support multi-page thumbnails for PDF, TIFF and JPEG files
  • Faster loading of thumbnails
  • Added PDF menu in menu bar
  • Right-click on thumbnails supports all languages
  • Fixed problem with thumbnails when changing language
  • Fixed problems with crashes when producing thumbnails

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.64

  • Reduced file size when ‘Input | Media’ is set to ‘Color text’
    • Reduces file size between 3x and 5x
    • Works the same as “Line art” in older versions of VueScan
    • Only 8 colors stored in file
    • Can use ‘Color | Threshold’ to adjust colors
    • Can duplicate previous functionality with color scans using ‘Filter | Flatten’
  • More types of PDF files work with thumbnails
  • Right-clicking thumbnails display options available for that file type
  • Fixed a number of thumbnail bugs
  • When some options change, ‘Save’ and ‘Save+’ buttons reappear

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.63

  • Added support multi-page PDF, TIFF and JPEG thumbnails
  • Displays thumbnail for each page on right side of window
  • Can drag pages to new location to rearrange pages
  • Displayed when ‘Output | XXX multi page’ option is turned on
  • Right click options for PDF and TIFF files:
    • Delete
    • Delete all
    • Reverse
    • Interleave
    • Separate
    • Swap even/odd
  • Added support for reading some PDF files with ‘Input | Source’ set to “File”
  • Added support for Fujitsu fi-7300NX
  • Added support for transparency scans on Canon LiDE 700F on Windows
  • Fixed problem with Brother MFC-9970CDW
  • Fixed problem with some Canon DR-series scanners

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.62

  • Added support for 37 new Canon MFP’s
    • Canon G600
    • Canon G610
    • Canon G620
    • Canon G640
    • Canon G650
    • Canon G670
    • Canon G680
    • Canon G690
    • Canon G695
    • Canon GX6000
    • Canon GX6010
    • Canon GX6020
    • Canon GX6030
    • Canon GX6040
    • Canon GX6050
    • Canon GX6060
    • Canon GX6070
    • Canon GX6080
    • Canon GX6090
    • Canon GX6091
    • Canon GX6092
    • Canon GX7000
    • Canon GX7010
    • Canon GX7020
    • Canon GX7030
    • Canon GX7040
    • Canon GX7050
    • Canon GX7060
    • Canon GX7070
    • Canon GX7080
    • Canon GX7090
    • Canon GX7091
    • Canon GX7092
    • Canon TS6400
    • Canon TS6440
    • Canon TS6450
    • Canon TS7651

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.61

  • Added support for 7 new Avision scanners
    • Avision AD240U+
    • Avision AD335
    • Avision AD345
    • Avision AD350
    • Avision AD370
    • Avision AV332
    • Avision AV332U
  • Fixed problem with some Canon LiDE scanners
    • Canon LiDE 35
    • Canon LiDE 50
    • Canon LiDE 60
    • Canon LiDE 80
    • Canon LiDE 100
    • Canon LiDE 110
    • Canon LiDE 200
  • Fixed problem with Epson XP-720
  • Improved recognition of HP ScanJet 4850 vs. HP ScanJet 4890 (same USB Product ID)

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.60

  • Fixed problem with duplex scans on Epson DS-1610 and Epson DS-1630
  • Fixed problem with Epson XP-630 and Epson XP-760
  • Fixed problem with black/white duplex scans on Canon DR-F120
  • Fixed problem with Plustek OpticSlim A4 Series
  • Fixed problem with specifying viewer on Windows
  • Fixed problem with some sheetfed scanners
    • Brother DSmobile 600
    • Pentax DSmobile 600
    • Syscan Docketport 465
    • Syscan Docketport 467
    • Syscan Docketport 485
    • Syscan Docketport 487
    • Syscan Docketport 665
    • Syscan Docketport 685
    • Visioneer Roadwarrior
    • Visioneer Strobe XP300
    • Xerox Travelscanner 100

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.59

  • Added support for 10 new Epson MFPs
    • Epson ET-5150
    • Epson ET-5170
    • Epson ET-8500
    • Epson ET-8550
    • Epson LX-10020MF
    • Epson ST-C8000
    • Epson ST-C8090
    • Epson WF-3825
    • Epson WF-4835
    • Epson WF-7830
  • Added support for 7 new HP MFPs
    • HP ENVY Pro 6400
    • HP ENVY Pro 6420
    • HP ENVY Pro 6422
    • HP ENVY Pro 6430
    • HP ENVY Pro 6432
    • HP ENVY Pro 6452
    • HP ENVY Pro 6455
  • Fixed problem with Canon 8600F transparency scans

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.58

  • Added support for 28 new Brother MFPs
    • Brother DCP-J1200N
    • Brother DCP-J1200W
    • Brother DCP-J4140N
    • Brother DCP-T220
    • Brother DCP-T225
    • Brother DCP-T420W
    • Brother DCP-T425W
    • Brother DCP-T428W
    • Brother DCP-T520W
    • Brother DCP-T525W
    • Brother DCP-T720DW
    • Brother DCP-T725DW
    • Brother DCP-T820DW
    • Brother DCP-T825DW
    • Brother MFC-J1205W
    • Brother MFC-J1215W
    • Brother MFC-J4335DW
    • Brother MFC-J4340DW
    • Brother MFC-J4345DW
    • Brother MFC-J4440DW
    • Brother MFC-J4440N
    • Brother MFC-J4535DW
    • Brother MFC-J4540DW
    • Brother MFC-J4540N
    • Brother MFC-J4740DW
    • Brother MFC-J4940DN
    • Brother MFC-T920DW
    • Brother MFC-T925DW
  • Fixed problems with some Genesys Logic scanners
    • Canon 5600F
    • Canon LiDE 80
    • Canon LiDE 100
    • Canon LiDE 200
    • Canon LiDE 700F
    • Medion MD5345
    • Medion MD5345
    • Medion MD6228
    • Medion MD6471

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How can I get an invoice for my purchase?

A) You can get a copy of your invoice from here

Q) What’s the back-story on the new thumbnail option in VueScan 9.7.63?

A) David has been working on this for a few months! He has many more improvements in the pipeline. Ed works on low-level scanner support and low-level image processing, and David works on adding significant new features and making things look better.

Q) How do I my make my scans to PDF files smaller?

A) Set “Input | Media” to “Auto”. This will use the type of PDF compression that minimizes the file size. If you know you’re scanning B/W text, set “Input | Media” to “B/W text”.

Q) I like the old way “Color text” worked. How can I scan this way?

A) Set “Input | Media” to “Color” and set “Filter | Flatten”.

Q) I want to rearrange pages after the scan completes. How can I do this?

A) Drag the page in the thumbnail list or right-click on a thumbnail and choose from the menu.

Q) Sometimes I make scans that are upside down or need to be rotated. How can I rotate pages after they’re added to a multi-page file?

A) You can now right click on a thumbnail and select rotate right or left to rotate that page.

Customer Corner

Emails from our customers:

Please continue to send us your scanning projects and photos. The history and stories behind these images is fascinating and we really appreciate hearing from you!

Thank you to Piet and Mary for sending this in from The Netherlands.

Dear Beverley,

Since 2013, we have been using your software for the scanner. One evening, 22.00 hrs., we were in serious trouble with our scanner software, Epson Perfection 1240-U at the time. Epson’s old software was not compatible with a new Windows system. We urgently needed to scan something important and bought your software via the internet.

To this day we are very happy with your VueScan software. We now have an A3 scanner and your software is 100x better than the supplied program. That is why it is good to put that into words.

Many companies already ask for our opinion about services provided, sometimes even before the service has been delivered! You never ask for comment, but I will give you the highest mark you can think of!

Be Blessed and have a good health. Kind regards, Piet and Mary Hendriks, The Netherlands.

If you are interested in our “Stichting Immanuël“ Foundation, Wijk bij Duurstede, see

If you are on Facebook please follow us – and thank you to William and John for writing these reviews. We appreciate it and as a small company comments like this really help us.

William Adkins

I’m old. 37 years as a computer tech and I’ve never seen a piece of software like VueScan! Back in the day, software was written to be as perfect as possible before it was released. Today, it’s all about hitting a deadline and people chanting “Never version x.0…never version x.0…” Companies now RELY on updates to sell their product, vs using updates to ENHANCE or FIX their product. Not Hamrick Software! From the first day I installed it, VueScan has been that solid rock in waters of IT. The updates are timely, as in “not fluff stuff.” The amount of hardware that VueScan supports is simply amazing, with more added every update. Technical support, when needed, has been almost inspirational: quick, professional response. There’s no “you’re an idiot” or “it’s not our problem, it’s the OS” games that the Big Boys play. Just a simple, down-to-earth response designed to help, not frustrate you. It’s too bad they don’t make operating systems for computers

John Collins

I had an Epson Perfection V500 Scanner which was great, until after a MacOS upgrade on my MacBook Pro it stopped working. Why? Because Epson decided to stop supporting it. After a bit of research l came across Vuescan. The free trial persuaded me to purchase it. Comparing that cost with the cost of the replacement scanner Epson wanted me to get made it a no brainer. At Christmas I got a new M1 Mac Mini and soon found I had a problem as VueScan didn’t seem to work. This is the IMPORTANT bit. I got in touch with Hamrick to explain my problem and Ed Hamrick was VERY quick to respond. After an exchange of 2 or 3 emails VueScan was quickly up and running on my Mac Mini, working as it had before (only faster!) Customer support is always much appreciated, and you’ll certainly get that with VueScan, should you need it. Highly recommended.

And finally, from the last newsletter, many of you emailed to say how much you enjoyed learning about Ed and how he carries out development work on VueScan. Thank you for writing to us! We had many like this…

Hi Beverley,

Just a quick note on this month’s newsletter…most informative newsletter I’ve ever received. Learning a little of the behind the scenes with Ed (what a nerd…love it) was over the top. Being a geeky sort myself, it was really great to get a better understanding of how things tick.

Thanks to you both for taking the time to put that piece together.