How do I submit a Problem Report?

I’m Ed Hamrick, the author of VueScan, and I personally read and respond to Problem Reports. Please note that we cannot offer telephone support.

About 10% of our support e-mails are basically “Does XYZ scanner work with VueScan”? You can get this info online by clicking here.

About 5% our support e-mails are about technical problems with VueScan (Problem Reports). The most important thing we need to solve a problem is the vuescan.log file after the problem occurs. Click here to send a Problem Report with a vuescan.log file.

About 5% of our support e-mails are technical questions about scanners or about VueScan, and we only answer these questions when they’re submitted in a Problem Report, and especially only if a vuescan.log file is submitted (you have to download and run VueScan before asking these kinds of questions. Click here to send a Problem Report with a vuescan.log file.

Some typical issues:

  • You didn’t include a vuescan.log file with your Problem Report. We need this because it gives us a lot of information.
  • You can’t find vuescan.log? There are detailed instructions on this page.
  • You don’t know if your scanner works with VueScan? Look on the supported scanners page and then just try it.
  • Your scanner doesn’t work? Try turning it off and back on again, try a newer USB cable and try a different USB port.
  • Your registration info doesn’t work? You need to type the e-mail address exactly as it’s written on the receipt.
  • You don’t know how to download VueScan? Click the red button on
  • You don’t know how to make multi-page PDF files? Set the “Output | PDF multi page” option, click the “Scan” button for the first page(s), click the “Scan+” button to add pages and click the “View” button to view the file.
  • You can’t scan film with your flatbed? Make sure the cable from the lamp in the scanner lid is plugged into the back of the scanner, make sure the plastic film holder is oriented correctly on the glass and make sure nothing is blocking the small rectangular calibration area.