How do I get my USB Scanner working on Windows 11 ARM?

If you’re on a Windows 11 ARM computer, you’ll need to take an extra step before you install VueScan to get USB, Firewire and SCSI devices working with VueScan. This requires you to disable driver signature enforcement, which can be accomplished by following the instructions outlined in this article on Windows Report

After you boot with driver signature enforcement turned off, it is then safe to install VueScan. You need to restart one more time after VueScan is installed.

In simple terms, the procedure is to:

  1. Disable signature enforcement
  2. Install VueScan
  3. Reboot computer

This is only necessary on Windows 11 ARM, not Intel ARM, because Microsoft added a requirement for special driver signing on Windows 11 ARM. This is impossible for us to do since we’re not the manufacturer of these scanners.