How do I disable update prompts in VueScan?

VueScan frequently checks for updates to provide its users with the latest features. However, with its dedication to ensuring you have the latest version, comes a recurring update prompt. This popup alert informs users every time a new update is available.

There are several valid reasons one might wish to disable it.

  1. Centralized Management: In professional or organizational settings, system administrators often manage a multitude of computers. They ensure that all software versions are consistent across the board. By disabling VueScan’s auto-update prompt, they can maintain this consistency, making sure all devices run the same software version, which is crucial for troubleshooting and ensuring compatibility.

  2. User Permissions: Often, in an organizational context, individual users might not have the necessary permissions to install updates on their own. With an auto-update prompt popping up and reminding them of an action they cannot execute, it could lead to unnecessary confusion or support tickets.

  3. Stability Concerns: Sometimes, updates might introduce unforeseen bugs or compatibility issues with other software or hardware setups. By having control over when to update, you can wait and see if other users report any issues with new releases, and update only when you’re confident about its stability.

  4. Minimizing Disruptions: Constant reminders can be distracting, especially when you’re in the middle of an important task. By turning off these prompts, users can focus on their work without periodic interruptions.

If you fall into any of the above categories, or simply prefer manual updates, follow our guide below to disable the VueScan auto-update prompt and regain control over your software updates.

How to disable VueScan’s Update Prompt

To disable the update prompt in VueScan, you need to create a file in the same file as VueScan’s .ini file called vuescan_no_update.ini. If this file is present, it will disable the update prompt. This file is located in different places on different operating systems. But currently these are the default locations for this file

  1. Windows: Pictures\VueScan\vuescan_no_update.ini
  2. macOS: ~/Pictures/VueScan/vuescan_no_update.ini
  3. Linux: ~/.vuescan/vuescan_no_update.ini

Note: You need to be running VueScan or later to use this feature.