Where can I find my Serial/Customer Number from a VueScan Installation?

If you have VueScan installed on your computer and need to look up your license, you can find them in a file on your computer. You’ll need to open these with a plain text editor (or the Registry Editor on Windows). Alternatively, you can use this form to look up your license using your email address and zip code.

The e-mail address, serial number and customer number are saved in:

Mac OS X:                /Users/yourname/.vuescanrc

Linux                    ~/.vuescanrc

Windows XP and earlier:  Registry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\VueScan\license

Windows Vista and later: Registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VueScan\license

If you're running VueScan as Administrator when you enter the serial number, then the e-mail address, serial number and customer number will be saved to the following location also. This lets all users share the same serial number.

Mac OS X:                /Users/Shared/.vuescanrc (if writable)

Linux                    /etc/.vuescanrc (if writable)

Windows Vista and later: Registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\VueScan\license

On Mac OS X, if you want all users to have the same serial number, you can manually move this file to either of these files:

/Library/Application Support/VueScan/.vuescanrc

/Network/Library/Application Support/VueScan/.vuescanrc