VueScan Newsletter - February 2019


Hello and welcome to our second newsletter of 2019. We have been very busy improving and adding new features for you to try – carry on reading for more information.

As always, thank you for your continued comments and feedback. Remember, if you have a story you would like to share then let us know. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or an amateur, or if you scan documents, film or photos; or where you are in the world – we love to hear from you and share with all our customers how you use VueScan.

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VueScan Updates

Since the last newsletter, we’ve released VueScan 9.6.33, 9.6.32; 9.6.31; 9.6.30; 9.6.29; 9.6.28;

What's new in version 9.6.33

  • Improved automatic cropping
  • Improved cropping with black scanner lid
  • Improved support for Epson DS-series scanners
  • Improved support for some HP printer/scanner/copiers
  • Fixed problem on Linux after running VueScan two times

What's new in version 9.6.32

  • Improved automatic cropping
  • Improved automatic media detection
  • Fixed problem with Canon DR-M140 color

What's new in version 9.6.31

  • Faster scan speed on flatbed and document feeder
  • Improved automatic media detection

What's new in Version 9.6.30

  • Improved support for automatic media size detection
    • More accurate automatic cropping on flatbed and feeder
    • Faster scanning using flatbed with smaller images
    • Stops scanning before lamp scans the whole flatbed
    • Useful for photos, credit cards and other small scans
    • Works with flatbed and document feeder
  • Added a few standard crop sizes, including credit cards
  • Fixed problem with some Epson plugins on Linux

What's new in Version 9.6.29

  • Improved support for automatic media size detection
    • Detects most type of scans
    • Set 'Input | Media size' to 'Auto' to enable
    • Alternatively, set 'Crop | Crop size' to 'Auto' to enable
    • Works with flatbed and document feeder
    • Useful for scanning photos and odd sized papers
  • Fixed problem with some options forgotten if VueScan crashes

What's new in Version 9.6.28

  • Added support for 44 HP printer/scanner/copiers
    • Color LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E77822z, Color LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E77825z, Color LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E77830z, Color LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E87640z, Color LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E87640z, Color LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E87660z, Color LaserJet Managed MFP E77822dn, Color LaserJet Managed MFP E77830dn, Color LaserJet Managed MFP E87640dn, Color LaserJet Managed MFP E87650dn, Color LaserJet Managed MFP E87660dn, Color LaserJet Pro MFP M179fw, Color LaserJet Pro MFP M278cw, Color LaserJet Pro MFP M278d, Color LaserJet Pro MFP M278nw, Color LaserJet Pro MFP M279fdw, Color LaserJet Pro MFP M280c2, Color LaserJet Pro MFP M280cnw, Color LaserJet Pro MFP M280nw, Color LaserJet Pro MFP M281dne, Ink Tank 310, Ink Tank Wireless 410, LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E72525z, LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E72530z, LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E72535z, LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E82550z, LaserJet Pro MFP M148dw, LaserJet Pro MFP M148fdw, LaserJet Pro MFP M149dw, LaserJet Pro MFP M149fdw, LaserJet Pro MFP M28a, LaserJet Pro MFP M28w, LaserJet Pro MFP M29a, LaserJet Pro MFP M29w, LaserJet Pro MFP M30a, LaserJet Pro MFP M30c, LaserJet Pro MFP M30cw, LaserJet Pro MFP M30w, LaserJet Pro MFP M31a, LaserJet Pro MFP M31c, LaserJet Pro MFP M31cw, LaserJet Pro MFP M31w, Smart Tank 350, Smart Tank Wireless 450
  • Fixed problem with some older scanners
    • HP ScanJet 3800, HP ScanJet 3970, HP ScanJet 4070, HP ScanJet 4370, HP ScanJet G2710, HP ScanJet G3010, HP ScanJet G3110, UMAX Astra 4900, BenQ 5550
  • Fixed problem with some PIE and Reflecta scanners
  • Fixed problem with some Brother scanners on Linux

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Feature Update: Automatic media size detection and automatic cropping

We have added a new feature - Automatic Media Size Detection – which means that VueScan will now recognise the size of what you’re scanning. This works both on flatbed scanners and document feeders. To enable this, set ‘Input | Media size” to “Auto”.

How does this help you? It means that with a flatbed, you can put smaller things on the glass, and VueScan will scan this faster by stopping scanning when it detects it has scanned the whole image. With a document feeder, you can put any sized document or picture into the feeder, and it will detect the size automatically.

How is this implemented? VueScan tells the scanner to scan the maximum possible size of the flatbed or document feeder, and then stops the scan on the flatbed when it determines that there’s a high probability the whole document has been scanned. Since the scan speed isn’t affected by scanning at the maximum width, this saves a lot of time on flatbed scans of smaller documents, pictures or receipts.

We have also improved the accuracy of automatic cropping, allowing you to scan odd sized pieces of paper (e.g. receipts) on either a flatbed or a document feeder. To enable this, set ‘Crop | Auto crop’ to ‘Auto’. We’ve also made this work on flatbeds that have a black or white lid and on document feeders that have a black, gray or white background (i.e. the color of the rollers).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) I have tried the trial version but can find no way of sizing the final scan other than by %. Can a specific mm measurement be set?

A) Use the "Output | Printed size" option to do this.

Q) Does VueScan do double sided scanning?

A) Yes, set "Input | Mode" to "Duplex Feeder".

Q) Will VueScan work on CentOS (Fedora, Red Hat) Linux?

A) Yes - it's worked on all versions of Linux for more than 10 years.

What film scanner should I purchase?

For anyone looking at purchasing a film scanner – read this article for ideas. In our opinion, if you can find a second-hand Nikon CoolScan then we still recommend them!

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Customer Corner

It’s always good to learn who uses VueScan. We are delighted that world adventurer and conservationist Holly Budge has been using VueScan for scanning photos of elephants for the charity she founded.

Who is Holly Budge?

British adventurer, conservationist and motivational speaker, Holly Budge, was quite literally on top of the world when she summited Mount Everest in 2017. Her passion for adventure is evident with two world records under her belt so far, including being the first woman to skydive Everest and race semi-wild horses 1000 kms across Mongolia in just nine days. Holly is not limited to adventure, she is also an acclaimed artist and passionate conservationist. She is the founder of ‘How Many Elephants’, an award winning campaign raising awareness of the plight of elephants in Africa and funds for anti-poaching projects. To learn more about Holly visit:

Holly says “I use VueScan a lot to produce high quality scans with accurate colours. It is very easy to use and has many features making the possibilities of what is possible endless. When I tried it for scanning even old faded photos, it gave me a great result.”

Customer Comment

Thank you so much for your many emails – we always like to hear from our customers. Here are a few of them – unedited!

Love your product with my Nikon Coolscan 5000 scanner!! After Nikon stopped support for it I discovered you guys! Works better than Nikon software ever did. I have now scanned about 20,00 negatives and slides of Rock’n Roll and Indy Cars from 1971 on. Still scanning and thank you so much! Without you folks and VueScan my website would not have so many images on it!!

Rich Zimmermann, Brookfield, WI USA

Just want to explain that I have been using Hamrick scanning software for many years and find it to be one of the finest software products ever developed and maintained. Thank you very much for your products.

Robert O’BRIEN, P.E.

Bellevue, WA

This was the best software investment I have ever made.

I purchased my copy back with my email was which was looong ago. This was in July 2002.

VueScan has outlasted several scanning devices and when my Fujitsu showed it was not going to work on future versions of my Mac OS, I updated to the latest version and I am up and running

Thanks to all who have helped me survive the updates what leave old hardware behind.

Greg, Vero Beach, FL