VueScan Newsletter - January 2019


Welcome to our newsletter – the first one of 2019 and we still just have time to wish all our customers a Happy New Year.

We have already spent time reviewing our goals for this year – technical, marketing and improving our customer service. We’re excited about the projects we’re working on and we’ll keep you updated throughout the year. Our first announcement - adding support for automatic media size detection - has been a request from many customers and we have added it to the latest update.

As always, thank you for your continued comments and feedback. Remember, if you have a story you would like to share then let us know. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or an amateur, or if you scan documents, film or photos; or where you are in the world – we love to hear from you and share with all our customers how you use VueScan.

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VueScan Updates

Since the last newsletter, we’ve released VueScan 9.6.27; 9.6.26; 9.6.25; 9.6.24;

What's new in version 9.6.27

  • Added support for automatic media size detection. Set 'Input | Media size' to 'Auto' to enable. Works with flatbed and document feeder. If scanning full pages, will crop off white areas. Useful for scanning photos and odd sized papers.
  • Fixed problem with some Brother scanners
  • Fixed problem with some Fujitsu scanners
  • Fixed problem with some HP scanners
  • Fixed problem with some Minolta scanners
  • Fixed problem with Epson ET-7700 scan quality

What's new in version 9.6.26

  • Added support for 8 Fujitsu portable scanners
    • fi-60F
    • fi-65F
    • ScanSnap S1100
    • ScanSnap S1100i
    • ScanSnap S1300
    • ScanSnap S1300i
    • ScanSnap S300M
  • Fixed problem with some Brother printer/scanner/copiers
  • Fixed problem with some Canon LiDE scanners on Windows

What's new in version 9.6.25

  • Added support for 4 new Canon scanners
    • TR4500
    • TS6200
    • TS8200
    • TS9500
  • Fixed problem with some Epson printer/scanner/copiers
  • Fixed problem with some HP printer/scanner/copiers
  • Fixed duplex scanning with Samsung CLX-6200
  • Fixed problem with Brother MFC-L2700DW

What's new in version 9.6.24

  • Improved color with some Epson ESC/I-2 scanners
  • Faster startup with some USB scanners
  • Fixed problem with HP ScanJet 4400c and 4470c

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) I’m scanning things like receipts, photos and other odd sized paper. How can I do this efficiently?

A) Use VueScan 9.6.27 and set “Input | Media size” to “Auto”. If you’re scanning photos on a flatbed, and you don’t want the lamp to travel the whole length of the flatbed (which takes longer), use the “Crop | Preview” area to limit how far the lamp travels on the flatbed. If you know that what you’re scanning is grey or black and white, set “Input | Media” to “Grey” or “B/W text” and this will scan faster with some scanners.

Q) Is it possible to provide a "Save As" button or option from the drop-down list for those times that one wants to save a scan to someplace other than the default location and naming scheme?

A) You can do this by turning off "Output | Auto file name"

Q) I was planning to install on Linux machines through flatpack packages. You announce that the license is for 4 computers. If I install in 2 different logins on the same computer will it count as one or two different computers?

A) The constraint is number of unique users. If more than one person uses VueScan on a computer, then you need one license per computer.

If one person has multiple logins on 4 different computers, then this only needs one license. As soon as more than one person uses a computer, it needs one license per computer.

Q) I'm using VS 9.6.01 to create HDR images from 120 film. The way I do it is taking several scans of the same with different exposure settings and then combining the several JPGs using a tool in Canon proprietary image editor for HDR. My results are good but it is time-consuming. However, it appears it should not be too difficult for you to add that function (multiple scans to generate an HRD image, with controls) within VueScan itself. So far as I am aware no scanning software is offering that (?) Hope you consider this idea in your future development of VueScan.

A) Yes, you can already do this with the "Input | Multi exposure" option.

An Introduction to Film Scanning

Chris Crawford is a professional artist, photographer, and teacher in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. Over the past 20 years, his photographs have been featured in many exhibitions around the United States and his work has been sold to collectors around the world.

He has been using VueScan for 16 years, and has used it to scan nearly all of his B&W photos and some of his color photos (a lot of his color work is digital) on his portfolio website

Chris has written this guide: An Introduction to Film Scanning – so thank you Chris and we’re sure that our customers will find this useful.

Organizing, Digitizing and Managing your Photos

Are you overwhelmed with organizing, curating, digitizing and archiving your photo collection? Good news - help has arrived!

For those of you who are new to our newsletter, Cathi Nelson wrote a series of articles for us last year all about organising and scanning your photos. Cathi is the author of Photo Organizing Made Easy; Going from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed as well as the founder of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers.

Now, our friends have just announced an exciting new product. After months of compiling years of knowledge, they have launched two easy-to-follow courses designed to take you step-by-step through the organizing process.

Printed Photo Organizing Made Easy includes over 2.5 hours of instruction that takes you step-by-step through the process of organizing (and digitizing) your printed photos, memorabilia, old media, and home movies. Digital Photo Organizing Made Easy offers in-depth instruction on your managing your digital photo collection. Both courses have a free preview that details the course learning objectives and bonus material. If organizing your photos has been on your To Do List, then now is the time to invest in learning and completing your photo organizing project!

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Customer Corner

This is an email from Judith in Wimberley, Texas, USA. We thought it might be useful for her comments on image editing tools. Thank you Judith!

My husband and I have scanned thousands of slides and negatives and prints with VueScan. I always recommend VueScan to anyone who has things they need to scan and I personally would never dream of using anything else. My primary reasons:

1) Manufacturers of scanning equipment do not like to upgrade their drivers. Our old Nikon Coolscan slide/negative scanner continues to function beautifully thanks to VueScan. These scanners are still available on eBay and I recommend them. What I see mostly for sale now are flatbed scanners. Our Nikon has the ability to focus on the slide plus remove dirt and the like from the image. Until it recently died, we had a big 8.5x14 flatbed we also used with VueScan. Never a worry about the next operating software upgrade killing your tools with VueScan!

2) VueScan is magnificent software. We had so many brands of film to scan, some of which had been stored for like 50 years, and not in the best of conditions. Colors fade, but even worse, some colors fade more than other colors. VueScan can give you a very good start on bringing back your treasures.

After VueScan I use various image editing tools to bring back the color to what it should be. Over the years I've used various tools, but recently I've moved to using Topaz Studio to enhance my images. I use one particular tool in Studio, AIClear, on all of my images now, but it is particularly valuable for scans. The reason is it is not just a noise reduction program or a sharpening program, it is both. I'm sure we've all tried to work with sharpening photos with noise and discovered what we sharpened most of all was the noise. Not with AIClear.

Customer Comment

Thank you for your emails – we always like to hear from our customers. Thank you Joe, in New Jersey, USA and we particularly love this email from Carlo in Italy

Dear Mr. Hamrick,

As a Roman Catholic (born and lived in Rome all my life), I can tell you that you are not only a genius, but more, you are a Saint! You have saved from my landfill my Epson SCSI GT-7000, fully functional after more than twenty years from when I purchased it. It has worked with Windows 98, XP, Windows 7 always with the same Adaptec drivers and its own Epson software. But in the new computer with Windows 7 64-bit it stopped being recognized by the computer, and I was already thinking of buying a new scanner. Thanks thanks thanks! May the God of computer scientists always bless you and make you live long! Carlo, Rome

PS I had forgotten to tell you that the test scan of some color prints with your standard settings gave optimal results in terms of size and graphics. This means that I will not even have to make my brain struggle to look for further improvements to the settings, because they are already as good as they are. Thank you and good work! Carlo, Rome

Hello Beverley, I can't recall how long I've been using your professional software (many years) in my printing sales position, but it has been my go to software for scanning documents of all types. I use it on four different types of scanners, two different flatbeds, a slide scanner and one mobile scanner. Not only is it a great software package, it has also saved me the expense of having to buy new hardware when the companies stopped supporting the above equipment! By far, your software rates a 10 in my book!

Joe, Trenton, NJ, USA.