VueScan Newsletter - December 2018


A massive hello to everyone with the last newsletter

We’re sure that everyone feels the same when we say we can’t believe how quickly time goes, but we do want to say a big thank you for your continued comments and feedback. We’re pleased that we have made a lot of improvements to VueScan this year, all of them have been as a result of your feedback, and we have a full plan of continued improvements for 2019.

Again, if you have a story you would like to share then let us know. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or an amateur, or if you scan documents, film or photos; or where you are in the world – we love to hear from you and share with all our customers how you use VueScan.

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It only leaves us to wish you a Happy Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year for you and your families.

Thank you - and as it is the festive season, scroll down to the end to see me doing something totally different!

VueScan Updates

Since the last newsletter, we’ve released VueScan 9.6.23; 9.6.22; 9.6.21;

What's new in version 9.6.20

  • Improved support for AirPrint/Scan (eSCL) scanners
  • Added support for 'Input | Page border' option
  • Canon LiDE 300 and LiDE 400
  • Most newer HP printer/scanner/copiers
  • Most newer HP document scanners

  • Support for most AirPrint/Scan (eSCL) scanners over USB
  • Support for future eSCL scanners without upgrading VueScan

Version 9.6.22

Added support for Canon LiDE 300 and LiDE 400
Added support for Fujitsu iX1500
Added support for 29 new Brother scanners

Version 9.6.21

Fixed problem with some PIE and Reflecta scanners on Mac OS X
Fixed problem with some Fujitsu scanners (especially fi-4120)
Fixed problem with some HP ScanJet document scanners
Fixed problem with some newer Avision scanners (especially AD280F)
Added support for "Input | Overscan" with some Avision scanners

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Press release

We distributed a press release about VueScan supporting macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode
Read about it here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) I have a USB scanner, but it seems to take a long time for VueScan to start up. Can I speed this up?

A) If you aren’t using a network scanner, you can often make VueScan start faster if you set “Prefs | Disable scanners” to “Network scanners”. The search for networked scanner takes between 2.5 seconds and 10 seconds, depending on how many scanners and printers on the network use the mDNS protocol.

Q) We have a printer/scanner/copier that supports AirPrint. Will VueScan work with this?

A) Yes, normally VueScan will work well with this. You may need to set the option on the front panel for enabling “http:” instead of (or in addition to) “https:”.

Q) I have spent some time getting my VueScan to give me what I really want from a B&W film scan. So, lots of adjustments from default in Colors and a couple of other spots. I have captured screen shots of my setting so I can restore them if I need to (and I will once I change over to a different film, e.g. color). Is there a way to save and recall these for a specific film type?

A) Yes - use the "File | Save options" and "File | Load options" commands to do this.

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Customer Corner

How to get better scans from a flatbed

We often come across videos referring to VueScan – created by both professionals and amateurs. Here is one from Nick Carver which we thought would be of interest to many of our users.

A little bit of information about Nick:

“Nick Carver is a working photographer and photography instructor based in Southern California with over eighteen years shooting experience and a professional career spanning more than a decade. Although his teaching and commercial work hinges primarily on digital photography, his passion is fuelled by a love for analogue film and creating fine art prints. Nick has sought to educate, entertain, and inspire other photographers both in the classroom and through his YouTube videos where he takes viewers “on location” or into the lab to see what happens behind the lens when a photo is created. When he’s not teaching aspiring amateurs or working on an architectural photoshoot, you’ll likely find him peering at the ground glass of a panoramic view camera in the deserts of the American Southwest.”

Customer Comment

Thank you for your emails – we always like to hear from our customers. Quite a few of our emails mention Nikon, here are few from the UK and the USA.

VueScan is awesome!

I have a Nikon scanner (the last model made). The scanner went down and I had it repaired by someone you recommended, and it works great. I’m getting ready to scan thousands of slides.

My most useful success with VueScan was preparation of a 50th high school class reunion slide show. I scanned hundreds of photos and everyone’s portrait from the yearbooks. I put it all together with music and transitions using Photodex software. It was incredibly successful! I don’t know how I would’ve done it without VueScan!

Bob Crawley, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Dear Beverley,

My old Nikon Coolscan V, bought many years ago on eBay and only useable because of VueScan, finally gave up the ghost recently. I have replaced it with an Epson V800 and the transition couldn’t have been easier, thanks again to your superb software.

Tim, St Albans, England.

Thank You for really Great Newsletters!!!

I really enjoy them!!!

In addition, I applaud the continuing improvement of VueScan, your website, and the overall tone and professionalism of sharing and growing - over the years.

I am a novice at using VueScan - but it does what I need with family and friends’ images of all types, sizes, etc. - quite well with my Canon 9000F Mark II.

It is good to be part of the "customer family".

Keep Up the Good Work.

Best Regards,

Gary Poss, Texas

About Us

Many people ask about us, so to put some faces to names and show you who we are here is a (mini!) update:

We are a small American company, but I am British and live in England. It is rare that we visit exhibitions, but for the first time ever the Roots Tech conference is coming over from the USA and is being held in London in 2019. We will be exhibiting here, so please add the date to your diary and come and visit us. We will be releasing a lot more information about this next year and will keep you posted, but it would be good to meet some of our customers: London 24 – 26th October 2019

And – finally! – I attended something totally different last week! Here I am at a Taiko Drumming Workshop (Japanese traditional drumming) run by Rhythmworks. A fantastic team building experience – and so much fun. Rhythmworks travels all over the world running these team events – up to 200 people – if anyone is interested!

Happy Christmas! Beverley.