VueScan Release Notes - Page 3

Released on

VueScan 9.7.47

  • Fixed problem with adding/deleting pages from PDF file on Windows
  • Added “PDF - PDF tools” command
  • Improved recognition of ScanJet 4850 vs. ScanJet 4890 (same USB Product ID)
Released on

VueScan 9.7.45

  • Added three levels of ‘Filter - Sharpen’
  • Fixed problem with PIE/Reflecta scanners when connected with Firewire
  • Changed ‘Input - Options’ to ‘Basic’, ‘Standard’ and ‘Professional’
  • When using ‘Basic’, displays only two tabs - Input and Prefs
  • Added default folder and output files to Input tab
Released on

VueScan 9.7.44

  • Numerous user interface improvements
  • Changed ‘Input - Options’ to ‘Basic options’, ‘Standard options’, ‘Advanced options’
  • When using ‘Basic options’, displays only three tabs - Input, Output, Prefs
  • Remembers current tab when exiting and restarting VueScan
  • Removed default folder and output files from Input tab - now only in Output tab
  • When output file name doesn’t contain ‘NNN+’ or ‘*’, always prompts for name
  • Removed ‘Output - Auto file name’ option (was confusing)
  • Added ‘Output - Center captions’
Released on

VueScan 9.7.43

  • Added support for one line or two line captions
  • Controlled by ‘Output - Caption 1’ and ‘Output - Caption 2’
  • Uses black letters on a white background
  • Text is anti-aliased so it looks good
  • Text can contain non-English letters (i.e. Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese)
  • Uses smaller font if caption is too long to fit
  • Appended at the bottom of JPEG, TIFF and PDF files
  • To disable, set to zero-length line
  • Useful when scanning photos, slides and negatives to add info
  • Easy to delete later with an image editor
Released on

VueScan 9.7.42

  • Set ‘Prefs - Network scanners’ to choose how to find network scanners
  • Use ‘mDNS’ to search the network for scanners (default)
  • Use ‘Manual’ to manually enter info about a scanner
    • Set ‘Prefs - IP address’ to the IP address of the scanner
    • Get the USB Vendor ID and USB Product ID from the supported scanners list
    • Set ‘Prefs - USB Vendor ID’
    • Set ‘Prefs - USB Product ID’
    • Re-do the ‘Scanner - Find scanners’ command
Released on

VueScan 9.7.39

  • Faster return to home with Canon 4400F (5 sec instead of 15 sec)
  • More accurate maximum scan size with some older Brother scanners
  • Fixed problem with HP ScanJet 5590 Duplex Feeder
  • Fixed problem on Windows changing PDF files while Adobe Acrobat is open
  • Fixed problem with scanner profiling on Linux
  • Added support for Canon MF110/MF910 series
Released on

VueScan 9.7.38

  • Fixed problem with Canon 4400F
  • Fixed problem with Canon 8400F
  • Fixed problem with HP ScanJet 4850
  • Fixed problem with HP ScanJet 4890
  • Fixed problem with ‘Crop | Multi crop’ on flatbed scanners
  • Fixed problem with ‘Input | Show texture’ on some Epson scanners
  • Added support for Dell 1760nw
  • Variety of small improvements and bug fixes
  • Small improvements for Czech translations
  • Small improvements for German translations
  • More detailed tips for solving problem with not finding scanners
Released on

VueScan 9.7.33

  • Improved options in Filter tab, especially ‘Filter | Infrared clean’
  • Improved support for some older Canon flatbed/film scanners
  • Increased scan area for Plustek OpticFilm scanners to 28 mm high
  • Improved preview speed on Canon 5600F
  • Fixed problem with lamp warmup on some older Genesys Logic scanners
  • Fixed problem with document feeder on Brother MFC-J6945DW
  • Fixed problem with Brother HL-L scanners
  • Fixed problem with some Avision document scanners
Released on

VueScan 9.7.32

Released on

VueScan 9.7.30

Released on

VueScan 9.7.29

  • Improved support for 53 scanners that use Genesys Logic chips
  • Plustek OpticFilm scanners between 2x and 3x faster
  • Scanning is quieter and faster with Genesys Logic scanners
  • Added support for Canon LiDE 90 without Canon plugins
Released on

VueScan 9.7.28