Brother ControlCenter Alternative

Looking for an alternative to Brother ControlCenter? VueScan is here to help

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Looking for an alternative to Brother ControlCenter?

Brother ControlCenter is the free software that comes with your Brother scanner. So why would you be looking for an alternative? There are two main reasons people look for an alternative:

  1. ControlCenter no longer works on their operating system (like on macOS Catalina)
  2. They want more features from their scanner than ControlCenter provides.

Why VueScan is a good alternative

Brother has recommended that customers use iPrint&Scan application or Image Capture. But you might also want to use VueScan Scanner Software. VueScan works on over 6000 scanners, even scanners that are no longer supported by their scanner vendor, so you can use VueScan with any scanner you might own.

You might also want to use more advanced features than came with ControlCenter. You might want to put multiple photos on the flatbed and have VueScan separate them automatically - you can do that with VueScan. You might want to extract text from your documents (OCR) - you can do that with VueScan. Download VueScan and start trying all the advanced features today.

ControlCenter Pros

  1. Comes free with your scanner
  2. Offers basic scanning features
  3. Easy to do a quick PDF scan

ControlCenter Cons

  1. Doesn’t work on macOS Catalina
  2. Lacks more advanced features

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