Brother DCP-J562DW扫描仪驱动程序

找不到您的BrotherDCP-J562DW的驱动程序? VueScan在这里帮忙。

你不是讨厌在新的操作系统出来的时候,Brother停止发布驱动程序吗? VueScan的作品有所不同。 在大多数情况下,VueScan不需要Brother的驱动程序。

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"An essential purchase if your scanner is no longer supported by the manufacturer and you can’t get it to work on your new computer." - Macworld Jan 2018

"If you want to coax the best possible quality out of whatever scanner you have,
VueScan is well worth the investment." - PC Magazine





Greg Beale loves VueScan for his Brother DCP-J562DW scanner

Apple keeps changing their Mac OS and Brother will not update the driver for my scanner. VueScan keeps my Brother scanner operating with each new Mac OS version that comes around. Boo for Brother - Kudos for VueScan!

— Greg Beale in Columbus, Ohio, USA
Greg Beale loves VueScan for his Brother DCP-J562DW scanner

This application always works. Plenty of features for any scanner out there. Can't find software and drivers for your scanner/OS version? No problem because VueScan will do the trick.

— Vanessa Schwarz in Augsburg, Germany
Greg Beale loves VueScan for his Brother DCP-J562DW scanner

VueScan provides the simplest way to make your scanner work, none of the problems of Windows drivers "not found". That also means that old hardware gets a new lease of life, ecologically friendly at its best!

— Emily Moore in Houston, Texas, USA
Greg Beale loves VueScan for his Brother DCP-J562DW scanner

My scanner, though perfectly good mechanically, had been orphaned heading into Windows 7. VueScan brought it back into use, and the new version for Windows 10 carried that on. The application is excellent.

— Alex Robson in Ridgetown, Ontario, Canada

Brother DCP-J562DW技术资料

USB Vendor ID:04f9
USB Product ID:0380
Brother DCP-J562DW

VueScan与的Brother DCP-J562DW兼容上Windows x86, Windows x64, Windows RT, Windows 10 ARM, Mac OS X 和 Linux。

VueScan Mobile还可以在iPad,iPhone,Android和Kindle Fire上使用此扫描仪。

如果您使用Windows并安装了Brother驱动程序,VueScan的内置驱动程序将不会与此冲突。 如果您没有为此扫描仪安装Windows驱动程序,VueScan将自动安装驱动程序。

您可以在Mac OS X和Linux上使用此扫描仪,而无需安装任何其他软件。


VueScan使用扫描仪JPEG压缩与此扫描仪扫描更快。 当通过网络连接进行扫描时,这显着更快。 您可以通过设置“输入”来关闭此功能精细模式“。


现在轮到你的扫描仪恢复生命 - 并将其从垃圾填埋场中取出

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