What our customers are saying

We've had more than 1000 SilverFast users upgrade to VueScan, and this is what they've said on the purchase page about why they bought VueScan: (completely unedited)

 seems easier than silverfast
1) USB Dongle & Leopard  2) Frustration with crashing Silverfast
1. Silverfast always made troubles although it was so expensive! 2. Only one app for all my scanners :-)
10X better than Silverfast and I get the results I want with less hassles
16-bit support not like small silverfast only 8bit
A better value than my Silverfast
A bit faster than Silverfast; but dust removal is not equally good
accurate colour...unlike silverfast
aggrevations with Silverfast
alternative for silverfast
alternative to nikon scan / silverfast
alternative to Silverfast
alternative to Silverfast
Alternative to Silverfast
Alternative to Silverfast
Alternative to Silverfast
Alternative zu Silverfast
Alternative zu Silverfast
Alternative zu Silverfast
angry about silverfast!
an't get bundled Silverfast s/w to work
"Apart from the missing dust & scratch removal tool and my not ""getting"" the multi image scan function; VueScan seems like a very good program! (Plus; it has a much friendlier user interface than Silverfast; which I find too cluttered.)"
Appears more versatile than Epson or SilverFast.
Appears to be less dificult than Silverfast Ai (even though teh scanner came with a full version of this software)
Bad SilverFast
Bad support from Silverfast; Vuescan seems to be an excellent alternative
Batch mode is way better than Silverfast
Batch scan 35mm slides (EpsonScan was too slow and low quality; Silverfast SE didn't have batch abilities)
Batch scan better than SIlverfast
Batch Scan; Silverfast does not work
Batch scanning: yours is the best I found. Beats Silverfast that came with my scanner hands down!
Because I first tried SilverFast; then scanned the same negative with Vuescan: what a difference!
Because I hate Silverfast :-)
Because it is better than Silverfast
Because Silverfast drives me nuts... plus I'm interested in the RAW feature.
because Silverfast is bollocks
Because Silverfast is unstable!
because Silverfast isn't work fine
becuase SilverFast  sucks!
Besser als Silverfast
Besser als SilverFast
Besser als SilverFast
Bessere Ergebnisse als CyberView und stabiler als SilverFast
bessere Ergebnisse beim neuen Kodak Portra 400 NC als mit Silverfast
besserer Zugang als bei Silverfast
Best combo of speed and quality (vs Silverfast)
Best Linux scanning software that I could find. I was using SilverFast AI in a VMWare session but was not impressed with it.
Best quality for b/w scans (most lively;better then CyberwiewX and Silverfast)
bestes Ergebnis und nich so teuer wie Silverfast
beter that silverfast
Better and faster than SilverFast; budled software
better as silverfast
Better B&W neg test scan than Silverfast
Better color rendition than SilverFast
better dan silverfast
Better default negative scans than Silverfast
better han silverfast
better interface than silverfast
Better interface; faster performance than bundled Silverfast
Better iSDR than SilverFast SE
better manual settings as silverfast
Better options than Silverfast
Better price and ease of use compared to Silverfast
Better quality scans than Epson driver; easier (and cheaper) than Silverfast
better results than epson; faster than silverfast
better results than silverfast
Better results than SilverFast
Better results than Silverfast
Better results than SilverFast ai
better results; disappointed with Silverfast
Better reviews than silverfast
better scan than silverfast
better scanning than EpsonScan and easier to use than SilverFast AI; multi pass scanning for increased DR
better silverfast
better tests results than with silverfast
Better than bundled software; cheaper than Silverfast
Better than HP and Silverfast software
better than my Silverfast AI
Better than Nikon Scan; cheaper than SilverFast
Better than Nikon Scan; cheaper then Silverfast
Better than Nikon Skan and cheaper than Silverfast
better than Nikon software; easier than Silverfast
better than Silverfast
better than Silverfast
better than SilverFast
better than silverfast
better than SilverFast
better than silverfast
Better than Silverfast
Better than Silverfast
better than silverfast
better than Silverfast
better than Silverfast
better than Silverfast
Better than silverfast
Better than SilverFast
Better than Silverfast
Better than Silverfast
Better than Silverfast
better than SilverFast
better than silverfast
better than silverfast
better than Silverfast
Better than Silverfast
Better than Silverfast
Better than Silverfast and easier
Better than silverfast packaged software
better than silverfast with bw negatives
Better than SilverFast!
Better than SilverFast.
Better than the provided SilverFast software.
better then included silverfast and epson scan
Better UI than Silverfast; supports simultaneous multi-sampling and multi-exposure (I think)
Better user experience than SilverFast
Better user interface/features than SilverFast
Better value than Silverfast
better value then silverfast
Better; more consistent results than the software that came with the scanner (Silverfast SE)
billiger als Silverfast
Billiger als Silverfast; besser als Epson Scan ;)
Black detail is rubbish with SilverFast; much better in Vuescan
brauche Alternative zu Silverfast
Bundled silverfast giving me all sorts of trouble
Bundled SilverFast is crashy; color correction in Vuescan is better
Bundled SilverFast software was hard to use
Bundled software was rubbish; vuescan was much easier to use than Silverfast
Bundled software with scanner (Silverfast SE) gave poor results and limited options.
By recommendation; Dont like SilverFast
Calibration facilities; better price than Silverfast
came recomended; seems easier than Silverfast
Can be used with different scanners; ICE; seems to be faster then SilverFast
Can't find my Silverfast license
can't find my silverfast serial
can't get Minolta's of SilverFast's to work!
can't get silverfast installed
Can't get Silverfast to work properly
Can't get SilverFast to work with scanner
can't get umax or silverfast to work--go figure
can't use silverfast
'Cause Silverfast sucks
Change from using SilverFast SE
Changed from Silverfast on WinME
Cheap and easier compare to Silverfast
cheaper and better than silverfast
cheaper and easier to use than SilverFast
Cheaper than Silverfast
Cheaper than silverfast
cheaper than silverfast
cheaper than Silverfast
cheaper than silverfast
cheaper than Silverfast and works
Cheaper than SilverFast Upgrade
Cheaper than Silverfast.
Cheaper than Silverfast; more stable (on Mac)
cheaper than silverfast\works with ratoc scsi converter
color much easier than silverfast
Color quality better than Silverfast
Compare to Epson and Silverfast
compare with Silverfast - looks better
Compared demo with Silverfast
Compared with Silverfast and obtained better results with VueScan
Comparison scan better than Silverfast
comparison with silverfast
Competitive price vs Silverfast
Comprehensible user interface -- worlds better than SilverFast!!!
could not get silverfast to work properly!
couldn't get Silverfast to work
Couldn't get SilverFast to work on new Windows 7 64 big
couldn't stand SilverFast
Crappy bundled software (SilverFast SE+)
Crossgrade from Silverfast because Leopard
Currently use Silverfast
CyberviewX and SilverFast is to buggy and in SilverFast case; a horrendous user interface.
Danger of losing my sanity with SilverFast
definitely better than silverfast!!!
Deleivers much beter scan quality as Silverfast
Demo better than Silverfast
Demo funktioniert auf Anhieb; Enttäuschung über Silverfast
Demo managed to scan some underexposed chromes; where Silverfast failed miserably
Demo version seems much better than Silverfast AI
Demo works - Silverfast and Epson software poor results
Demo works great; Silverfast SE simply doesn't
Demo's Vuescan & Silverfast against Cyberview; and liked Vuescan best
Did not like Silverfast
Didn't get on with Silverfast
Didn't know any better; WTF? Annoyed with Silverfast; Canon and Epson Scan pgms suck
Didn't like Silverfast
Didn't like Silverfast
Disappointed in SilverFast
Disappointed with SilverFast.
Dislike Silverfast
Dislike SilverFast software
Disliked Silverfast
disliked silverfast
Disliked Silverfast
Do not like SilverFast
Does larger scans than SilverFast
Dont like silverfast
don't like SilverFast
don't like Silverfast
don't like Silverfast
don't like Silverfast
Don't like SilverFast
Don't like Silverfast
Don't like silverfast
don't like silverfast
Don't like Silverfast
don't like Silverfast
Don't like Silverfast Ai
dont like silverfast and this is the only other option; but I liked the demo!
Don't like Silverfast GUI
Don't like SilverFast!
Don't like SilverFast's interface
Don't like Silverfast-VueScan reviews
Don't really like Silverfast
don't understand Silverfast
downloaded trial ;1st scan was better and faster than the silverfast. simpler.
dust removal is faulty on 8800F + SilverFast
Dust removal option not Supported using OS X by SilverFast
Ease of use - hate Silverfast
Ease of using software compared to silverfast
easier and better than Silverfast
Easier and cheaper than Silverfast
easier interface and use than Scan wizard or silverfast
Easier than SilverFast
Easier than SilverFast
Easier than Silverfast
Easier than SilverFast
easier to use and install than Silverfast
Easier to use as SilverFast
easier to use than silverfast
Easier to use than Silverfast
Easier to use than SilverFast
easier to use than SilverFast
Easier to use than Silverfast
Easier to use than Silverfast
easier to use than silverfast
easier to use then silverfast
easier to use; with better results; than SilverFast
easier UI than silverfast; with same quality
easier work flow then silverfast
Easier/Cheaper/Better(?) than Silverfast
Easy Scanning; Silverfast is un-Maclike
Easy to use compared to Silverfast
Easy to use compared to Silverfast
Easyer than SilverFast 6.6
einfacher zu bedienen als Silverfast
Einfacher zu bedienen als SilverFast. RAW. etc.
Endless problems with Silverfast registration
enough of epson scan and silverfast!
Epson driver won't work with Leopard; neither does Silverfast which uses the Epson driver.
Epson driver-rubbish; silverfast will not do 16bit and not paying for that; going to use more MF film instead of pure digital.
Epson drivers don't work; wanted good control; originally had Silverfast; but upgrade too expensive
Epson Scan software corrupted and I HATE Silverfast
Epson Scan; Silverfast SE limited
Epson software broke; Can't figure how to select batch negatives on Silverfast SE
Epson software quit working and I can't fix it. Also Silverfast lousy with color negs.
EpsonScan is too basic; Silverfast has an attrocious UI
excellent default scans with B/W negs vs/silverfast+minolta; color neg profiles nice
Exceptional results with trial version; very fast; very intuitive interface (a great difference with Silverfast; by example)
Far better results than bundled silverfast software!
Far better than Silverfast
fare price and i need the software to use the scanner. Silverfast V expensive
Faster and easier to use than SilverFast
faster than silverfast
Fe dup with teh stupid serial number bullshit of Silverfast I hope you will tease me less
Feature Set vs Cost (longtime SilverFast user; tired of the upgrade charges)
Features look better than Silverfast
features that Silverfast lacks; customer service reputation; Linux support; free trial; price
features; cost compared to silverfast
Features; more flexible than Silverfast
Fed up to the back teeth with Silverfast and their arrogant ways
fed up with customer svce for SilverFast
fed up with my silverfast freezing photoshop in leopard
Fed up with Silverfast
Fed up with Silverfast
Fed up with Silverfast
fed up with silverfast
Fed up with Silverfast and have read glowing reviewss on your software
fed up with silverfast se
Film type database; nice GUI; don't like the bundles Silverfast software
Filmget crap; Silverfast support crap
fits better then silverfast
flustration with silverfast not working with vista
forums say better than SilverFast
Free Upgrade for SilverFast Users
Free version of SilverFast SE that cam with scanner just crashed
Friendlier interface than Silverfast
Frustration with Silverfast
Frustration with Silverfast
Functions better than silverfast (Or I don't know how to use it good). But this makes it as I wan't it! Thanks
günst. Alternative zu Silverfast
günstiger als Silverfast
gave up on silverfast
Gave up on Silverfast - kept crashing
Get rid of Silverfast
Getting new scanner soon; Have been using SilverFast
giving Silverfast back; terrible results
Glitchy Silverfast
Good alternative to Silverfast
good cheaper alternative to SilverFast
Good color negative results; supports Epson 1680; much better P120 scans than Silverfast
Good demo; Silverfast vendor is nuts; nice feature set; supports multiple scanners; updates; good value
Good quality; better than Silverfast and Nikon Scan
Good reviews and I moved my scanners to a Windows 2003 server. Nikon4 does not work on 2003 server. Silverfast is too expensive.
good reviews for you & bad for silverfast on photo.net
good reviews; and silverfast sucks
Good reviews; rubbish silverfast
good scan quality; cheaper than silverfast
Good Workflow; Cheaper than SilverFast; works better than Nikon's software
got tired of SilverFast not working
got tired of trying to get Silverfast to work: upgrading computer/Operating System; hard to work with other scanners/scanner drivers!
Great experience with trial version; and absolutely not willing to buy a Silverfast update
Great features; raw; silverfast = $$$$$
great interface; better than silverfast
Great reviews; much cheaper than silverfast.
Great vaue compared to silverfast
Guenstiger als Silverfast Ai
gute Alternative zu SilverFast
had always bad results with Silverfast unter OS X
half the price of silverfast; just as good image wise.
Handles film scans better; also does digital camera raw files; easier to use than Silverfast
Has better features than SilverFast
Hate SilverFast
hate SilverFast
hate silverfast
hate SilverFast
Hate Silverfast
HATE SilverFast
hate silverfast
hate Silverfast
Hate Silverfast
Hate Silverfast
hate silverfast
hate silverfast and all other scanner software!!
Hate the evil Silverfast!
Hate using Silverfast
Have compared scans of 35mm slides using Vuescan & Silverfast - I think the Vescan results look better
Have Silverfast always wanted Vuescan but didn't support X6 until recently
Have Silverfast want to try yours
Have Silverfast; doesn't work and is too complicated and not understandable.
having problems with SilverFast
Heard it is better than SilverFast SE
heard it's better than Silverfast
heard quality and ease of use were high. dissatisfied with epson and silverfast software
High quality scans; OS X Leopard compatible; Silverfast too expensive
Highly recommended by people online to replace the very confusing SilverFast for my Plustek OpticFilm 7200 scanner.
"honestly; because the SilverFast demo kept ""not responding""... Some things I like in VueScan; others I prefer in SilverFast... "
Hoping it is simliar to use than SilverFast
I am getting equivalent results with silverfast from 120 slide film; but didn't need to use 2 non-intel binaries to do it.  And your software is less expensive.  Also; using twain is not important to me -- but my mini can barely handle these 500MB files so this may change if I get a new computer.
I bought Silverfast and found it to be an extremely shoddy piece of software. I should have listened and bought Vuescan to begin with.
I can't load SilverFast
I couldn't get Silverfast to work !
I detest silverfast
I dislike Silverfast
I don´t like SilverFast
I don't like SilverFast
I don't like silverfast
I don't like Silverfast
I don't like Silverfast; and I think your software is more complete.
I give up on silverfast!
I hate Nikon Scan 4 & Silverfast wants money per scanner & I like the feature
I hate Nikon Scan/Silverfast is too Expensive
I HATE Silverfast
I hate Silverfast
I hate silverfast
I hate Silverfast and wanted to keep my $ local in AZ :)
I hate SilverFast; Vuescan has DNG
I have SilverFast SE Plus; ScanView is meuch beter for B&W films
I like it better than Silverfast
I like the features better than Silverfast
I like the features; price and the free upgrades on the Pro license. I also like the ability to use it on different scanners compared to Silverfast.
I like the results (ancient family kodakchromes came up vivid and sparkling with life; and clean with IR ; far superior to silverfast and epson scan with ) and the ui (compared to silverfast; whose ui & workflow is laughable)
I like the trial; want to try out the pro-version. Have Silverfast Ai and I think it's really bad on the Mac.
I like your product more than SilverFast...
I need new software for this scanner which has not been used for years as I still have a lot of slides and negatives. I tried Silverfast; but was unable to make it work on my iMac as I was unable to install the Minolta drivers. Vuescan worked at the first try.
I need to digitalize old photos of paintings of my husband (painter Lubo Kristek). I compared VueScan; SilverFast and Epson Scan and you are the best.
I need vuescan to run the scanner at all. Plus vuescan has a clear user interface and a much lower price for this particular scanner than for instance silverfast.
I prefer it to Silverfast software
I read that VueScan is better than Silverfast
i think it is better then Nikon SW and cheaper then SilverFast
I tried Silverfast/to many problems/yours seem much more stable with nice features
I upgraded to Windows 7- bundled Silverfast will no longer work
I used the free trial of both Vue scan and Silverfast but prefered Vuescan because it was easier to use and had excellent color fidelity and color balance.
I was primarily looking for software to create a scanner profile from an IT8 target; but was additionally impressed that this works on Mac OS X 10.6 (unlike Nikon Scan which crashes); has a well-organized interface (unlike SilverFast); and I'm very impressed with how well it controls the scanner hardware..
ICE on silverfast corrupts images
Ich möchte den Scanner mit 64-Bit Betriebssystemen (XP; Win7 and/or Linux) nutzen; ausserdem: Evtl. werde ich mit 64-Bit Betriebssystem und Minolta original Scanprogramm und/oder Silverfast/HDI arbeiten.
I'm scanning my old Agfa caving photography but bundled Silverfast SE not delivering acceptable colour fix.  Dark backgrounds remain purple.  I'm hoping Vuescan will help.  If you have any suggestions; I would be most grateful.  Regards; Tim Carter
Images provide better quality than Silverfast for colour
input/output control; no more silverfast...
Interface over silverfast; frequent updates
is the only software that work properly for this scanner since minolta stop supports and silverfast is minolta driver based
IT Calibration; Batch Scan; Silverfast malfunctioning
It has amazing workflow and the interface especially comparing to SilverFast Ai Studio ;)
It looks easier than SilverFast
It works and is not tied to only one scanner type (unlike SilverFast).
It works with the Coolscan 9000: Silverfast doesn't
It works! Unlike Silverfast.
It works. Silverfast doesn't
IT8 Calibration; cheaper than Silverfast
IT8 profiling; better results than SilverFast
IT8; Silverfast shows extremly strong grain for Konica negative film (even with active GEM); vuescan is superior for this use case. And; of course; providing a linux version is a *BIG* plus!
It's better than Silverfast SE and allows for multi-pass scanning (Silverfast SE doesn't on my scanner)
It's more userfriendly than SilverFast
I'ts supposed to be easier to use than SilverFast.
Just so much better then Silverfast.
Kernal Panic using Silverfast
kick out Silverfast
Komme mit der mitgelieferten Software (Silverfast) nicht zurecht. Hoffe auf bessere Ergebnisse
Lasersoft Silverfast does not support Vista 64 bit!
Leopard no longer supports silverfast
Less complicated than silverfast
Less cumbersome & cheaper than Silverfast
Like how it works better than silverfast esp on slides
Like it better then Silverfast
Like it very much; Crosscrade from Silverfast (too expensive in maintenance)
Like the quality; esp. white balance + lot cheaper than Silverfast
Liked the demo - easy to use - looks like a proper Mac OS X application - made decision after my first scan - bye bye silverfast
Liked the simplicity of the features OCR a positive asset as I edit a mag and got lots of hrd copy with no files. Presently use Silverfast
Linux Support; Better than Silverfast
Linux support; which Silverfast does not have.
Lion: my Silverfast won't work now.
Long tie user Silverfast
Looking for a alternative to the included silverfast
Looks better / less German than SilverFast.
Looks more intuitive than silverfast
Looks much simpler than Epson or SilverFast
Looks way better than Silverfast!
Lost my Silverfast serial
lots of negs & photos; SilverFast incomprehensible!
lower price compared to silverfast
Manual Photo options; stock software and silverfast inadequate
Marre de Silverfast
meilleur que Silverfast
Meilleur que Silverfast pourtant livré avec.
meilleur rendu que silverfast
Meilleur rendu que Silverfast après essai
Mein Silverfast unterstützt OS-X 10.6 nicht mehr
"Minolta ""unknown error""; Silverfast too unpredictable!"
Minolta & Silverfast both suck
Minolta software wont load; prefer to silverfast
Minolta sw poor at 16bits; Silverfast crashes all the time
Moins cher que Silverfast
More affordable than Silverfast
more economical and reliable than Silverfast
More profiles than SilverFast
More user friendly than Silverfast; although selecting multiple crops is not intuitive
more versatile than silverfast
Much better and cheaper than Silverfast
much better than cyberview and as good as silverfast
much better than minolta software and silverfast
Much better than Silverfast
Much better than SilverFast
Much better than SilverFast
Much better than Silverfast
much better than Silverfast
much cheaper than silverfast
MUCH cheaper than Silverfast yet suports Infrared channel data
much easier than SilverFast
MUCH easier to understand and follow than Silverfast and interface beats it hands down!!
Much easier to use than Silverfast; possibly better but don't know yet.
Multi-Exposure in Silverfast does not work with LS 2000
multiscan + raw; silverfast crashing
multiscan; other features; do not wish to give money to silverfast
my old silverfast doesn't work with snow leopard
my scanner came with silverfast and epson scan. Epson scan is good but limited and the version of silverfast is bad and limited
my silverfast not work on vista
Need 16bpc colour in a decent interface; not willing to pay $500 for Silverfast for occassional scanning
Need a better program than SilverFast
Need a better scan software than what was included (Cyberview) and SilverFast is too spendy
need alternate to SilverFast
need better interface vs. Silverfast
Need better scan program for HP; & Silverfast doesn't support that scanner
Need better software than Silverfast
Need color calibration.  SilverFast Ai crashes; no support.
need exposure control; calibration and film profiles - Silverfast Negafix is just too buggy
Need good functionality; silverfast doesn't have it.  Have had continued problems with their software and no response from pleas for help.
need high quality scans & silverfast is too expensive
Need ICC profiles. Silverfast is a PAIN IN THE ASS!
need IT8 calibration and silverfast sucks
Need many fetaures; but Silverfast too expensive.
need OS X software for LS-2000; also needed easy to use software. Was overwhelmed with Nikon Scan many years ago when I first tried it; and ovewhelmed also by SilverFast when I just tried it tonight
need precise contol over scans treid both Vuescan and silverfast and prefer Vuescan
Need raw scan and rescan capabilities.  You're a better value than Silverfast!
need scan software; cheaper than Silverfast
Need scanning software with auto-upgrade features. (Sick of the run-around given by SilverFast folks.)
need something better than silverfast
need to scan b+w; colour negs & slides - 35mm + 6x6 also not happy with Silverfast package
need with Silverfast to have more features
Needed an alternative to SilverFast
needed better scan software than epson... and silverfast was too much dosh. thought i'd give you a go...
Needed it to work on Leopard - and silverfast doesn't!
needed more stability than Nikon Scan 4; but SilverFast software is way too expensive
needed something better than silverfast
needed something better than Silverfast that came with the scanner
needed something less ugly than silverfast :-)
neet multican and IT8 - didn't want to pay $398 for  silverfast AI to get these features + silverfast cannot be used on other scanner models
Neither NikonScan nor SilverFast will work with XPsp3 and current available Adaptec SCSI cards.
New iMac; seemed Silverfast wasn't going to work as well as before; so got a recommendation for VueScan
New scanner; SilverFast failed me
nice features; better than silverfast
nicer interface than SilverFast
Nicer to use than Silverfast.
Nikon and SilverFast didn't do it for me.
Nikon Driver is Trash; Silverfast also and ecpnsive
Nikon driver keeps crashing; silverfast is too expensive/complicated
Nikon personal in Sweden told me of Vuescan and I can´t get Silverfast to work on my Mac.
Nikon scan & Silverfast don't work
Nikon Scan crashes with SA-30; SilverFast is less transparent
Nikon Scan is way outdated; VueScan works well with Nikon and all my scanners; and the price is reasonable (a lot cheaper than Silverfast).
Nikon Scan no longer worked. Silverfast interface not as nice.
Nikon software fail. SilverFast too expensive
Nikon software-Silverfast kept crashing new computer-VueScan works
Nikon's software is outdated and silverfast is too expensive
no drivers from Epson; seemed better than Silverfast
No Lion-compatible Silverfast
no neg:.direct in silverfast for Mac OSX
No official drivers for Win 7 64-bit and SilverFast doesn't work with that OS
No Silverfast driver
no Silverfast Update available
No support of F-3200 by silverfast on 10.5
No Umax support + MacUpdate reviews VueScan/SilverFast
no update for 10.3 from microtek. bought Silverfast but I hate it.
No updated scanner drivers for this scanner and OS X 10.6 and I HATE SilverFast!
North American negative types compared to SilverFast
Not enough control and capabilities provided by EpsonScan or SilverFast
Not happy with Silverfast
Not happy with Silverfast Ai6
not happy with Silverfast SE plus
not satisfied Silverfast
not satisfied with silverfast
Not satisfied with Silverfast
Not satisfied with silverfast se
not so expensiv like silverfast; but werry good
Not too expensive; unlike SilverFast
Now Better than Silverfast
nVidia650 problems with silverfast
old silverfast user fed up and switching
Old Silverfast; Lion OS
Only alternative on OS X is Silverfast
only decent SW apart from Silverfast AI
only have silverfast light
original software does not work well; and doe not exist for MAC; SilverFast better than vuescan; but will they support Snow Leopard??
OS 10.7; Silverfast doesn't work.
OS X drivers; SilverFast unstable
out of the gate; better scans than silverfast and epson.
outperforms silverfast and nikon's own
Over 1 year of frustration working with Silverfast Ai Studio
pas difference avec silverfast
politique de mise à jour trop chère pour silverfast
poor results with silverfast
poor silverfast software
prefer 1 sw pkg+multiple drivers versus Silverfasts 1 SW pkg per scanner business model; ( I have multiple scanners )
Prefer interface and features to Silverfast
Previous SilverFast software did not work with my new OS 10 system A new version was too expensive; however; your software is more affordable and I don't have to replace my scanner.
Previous Silverfast User
Price vs SilverFast
Probleme SilverFast
problems w Silverfast; unflexible
Problems w/Silverfast
problems with silverfast
Problems with Silverfast
Problems with Silverfast
problems with SilverFast
problems with Silverfast
Problems with Silverfast
Produces decent scans unlike Silverfast
Proper features and affordable. Plus the SilverFast alternative is horrible
Quality of B&W scans cf SilverFast
quality vs silverfast
quie sick of silverfast esp. pricing
Rated in many ways better than Silverfast
Raw scanning; Linux and Mac; SilverFast alternative; Donald Knuth likes it ;)
Really fast and much better than SilverFast (!) for batch scanning
Reasonable price compared to Silverfast
recommended as being more user-friendly than Silverfast
recommended by AoP as better than silverfast
recommended by Computer Shopper UK over bundled Silverfast software (which is horrible)
recommended sa an alternative to silverfast upgrade
Rekommended as more easy to use than Silverfast
replace silverfast
replace Silverfast
Replacement for Silverfast
replacing silverfast
replacing SilverFast
Replacing silverfast
Replacing Silverfast
Reportedly better than SilverFast
reputation of Vuescan; and sick of Silverfast!
Results; Workflow; SilverFast unstable
Review on Amazon of SilverFast
Runs better than Silverfast
Scan Wizard and Silverfast; packaged with the scanner; are both below the required standard.
scangear and silverfast suckckckck
ScanGear sucks; Silverfast too complicated
ScanGear wirkte nie wirklich rund; Silverfast funktionierte nicht wie erwartet und dafür dann noch preislich überteuert für Privatgebrauch; daher Freude über eine weitere Alternative; die bisher sehr den eigenen Wünschen an ein Scanprogramm entspricht.
Scanner & Printer Profiling; cheaper than SilverFast
scanner came bundled with silverfast which is shit! way too slow! yours does negatives in acceptable time.
Scanner no longer supported by SilverFast
Scanner no longer supported by Silverfast
Scanner software needed.  Previously used silverfast
Scanning negatives.  Silverfast SW SUCKS
Scans look better than with silverfast
Scanwizard; Silverfast etc. don't work!
scsi problems with silverfast
seemed easier to use than SilverFast
seemed more simple than SilverFast
Seemed the better choice compared to silverfast
Seems better (and cheaper!) than SilverFast
Seems better than Silverfast
Seems better than Silverfast
Seems better than SilverFast
Seems better than SilverFast software
seems easier than silverfast
seems much better than Epson/Silverfast
seems to be easier to use than silverfast
Seems to give better results than Silverfast
seems to give better results than the bundled silverfast
seems to handle b/w negs more easily than SilverFast SE
seems to have easier workflow than silverfast
Sick and tired with SilverFast
Sick of paying Silverfast extortion scheme and limited Minolta software
Sick of Silverfast
sick of silverfast
sick of silverfast after upgrade problems; and read it was good for b&w
Sick of SilverFast crashing
Significantly better then SilverFast
silverfast  that came with scanner sucks
Silverfast & Lion
Silverfast & Nikon Scan don't seem to be able to work simultaneously
Silverfast (bundled) software sucks
Silverfast :-(
SilverFast ;)
Silverfast + Microtek software transparency feature doesn't work
silverfast = to expensive
Silverfast 5 läuft nicht
Silverfast 5.x not working well with Scanner
SilverFast 6 doesn't work with Photoshop CS 4 on Mac OS X 10.5.5 Leopard
Silverfast AI does not recognize scanner behind SCSI to firewire adapter
Silverfast AI incompatible with 64-bit Vista
SilverFast AI is a piece of crap
SilverFast Ai is too difficult to use
Silverfast Ai is too German to be a good partner for me.
SilverFast AI sucks
silverfast and nikon software sucks
silverfast awful
Silverfast bites
SilverFast Boycott
SilverFast came with scanner-needlessly complex
SilverFast CD won't even load on my iMac
Silverfast conflict
silverfast crashes
Silverfast crashes in Lion
Silverfast crashes under OSX 10.7
Silverfast dans Mac de bureau; VueScan pour mon MacBook
Silverfast did not work!
Silverfast didn't find my scanner; Epson software treats me like a retard
Silverfast didn't launch; NikonScan sucks
Silverfast didn't upgrade to OS X 10.5
Silverfast did'nt work
silverfast didn't work on this scanner
Silverfast didn't work so tried this - Sensational results!
SilverFast difficult to use
SilverFast does not support FARE
Silverfast does not support Win 7 64 bit
Silverfast does not support Windows 7
Silverfast does not work
Silverfast does not work on Lion :-(
SilverFast does not work on my mac
Silverfast doesn't do it's job very well
Silverfast doesn't support 64 bit raw files in Windows Vista for above slide scanner
SilverFast doesn't support it without buying an additional $110 cable.
Silverfast doesnt support OSX 10.5
Silverfast doesn't work
Silverfast doesn't work fine
Silverfast doesn't work on Lion
Silverfast doesn't work on Mac OS Lion
Silverfast doesn't work right
silverfast doesn't work w/OS 10.5 leopard
SilverFast doesn't work with Lion
SilverFast doesn't work with Lion OS
Silverfast doesn't work with MacOSX 10.5
Silverfast doesn't work; have heard good things about VueScan
silverfast don't support lion!
SilverFast don't work
SilverFast drop the ball!
Silverfast est nul
Silverfast failed me when upgrd OSX
SilverFast fatigue
Silverfast firewire driver does not work
Silverfast freezes Photoshop
Silverfast freezes PSCS3 and itself
Silverfast funktioniert einfach nicht zuverlässig
Silverfast funktioniert nicht für den Scanner
Silverfast funktioniert nicht wirklich auf Windows 7
Silverfast geht nicht mit os x lion
Silverfast has a poor UI
silverfast has failed
Silverfast has no Vista64 Driver
SilverFast has poor instructions
Silverfast has poor/awkward/inefficient  GUI
Silverfast inkompatibel unter Snow Leopard
SilverFast interface is horrible
Silverfast is a pain!
silverfast is a pain; and doesn't work on 10.5; or at least I can't get it to work. I also like that it works for other scanners.
Silverfast is a pain-in-the-axx
SilverFast is awful. You must be grateful to them.
Silverfast is bad
silverfast is boring me
Silverfast is buggy; your software works really well
Silverfast is clumsy and hangs up
silverfast is crap
silverfast is driving me crazy for doing contact sheets
SilverFast is freezing
Silverfast is full of bugs
Silverfast is good; but it takes ten friggin' minutes to find the scanner!
SilverFast is hopeless!!!
SilverFast is horrible
Silverfast is horrible.
Silverfast is letting me down
silverfast is much too expensive
Silverfast is not 64 bit and you are
Silverfast is not adequate for tri-x
Silverfast is not the best software
silverfast is not x64 compatible on the v750
Silverfast is rubbish
Silverfast is S***e
SilverFast is screwing people over and loving the output in the demo.
silverfast is so buggy
silverfast is stupid
SilverFast is terrible
SilverFast is terrible
SilverFast is terrible
Silverfast is terrible
Silverfast is to advanced
Silverfast is too bad
Silverfast is too buggy
Silverfast is too complicated and expensive
silverfast is too damn complicated
Silverfast is too expensive
silverfast is useless
SilverFast is WAY too complicated
Silverfast is worthless
Silverfast isn't so great
Silverfast iSRD with bad result
Silverfast issues
silverfast ist eine Katastrophe
silverfast ist too expensive
Silverfast ist zu komplex um gute Ergebnisse zu erzielen
Silverfast ist zu unzuverlässig
Silverfast kann noch nicht Lion
silverfast keeps crashing my computer
Silverfast konnte mit Win7 meinen Scanner nicht mehr ansteuern :-(
Silverfast lames
Silverfast late to support Lion
SilverFast locks up constantly!!!
Silverfast made me furious. : )
silverfast nervt mich ein bisschen. :-)
Silverfast nicht KOmpatibel
Silverfast no funziona snow
Silverfast no good
Silverfast no help
SilverFast no longer works with Lion
Silverfast no more functionning
SilverFast not compatible
Silverfast not compatible with Snow Leopard
silverfast not compatible with tiger; epson software sucks
Silverfast not running in Lion
Silverfast not supported for 10.5
Silverfast not supported in OSX 10.4 yet
Silverfast not supporting Leopard
Silverfast not updated for Lion
silverfast not upgraded yet
SilverFast not working anymore
Silverfast not working with OSX Lion.
Silverfast overpriced; poor UI; not compatible with newer OSes and Photoshop versions. Vuescan highly recommended by many. Love that you recommend Wolf Faust's IT8 targets - consider recommending Argyll CMS too. If this works out will buy 2xpro edition for the Epson 1680s here too.
SilverFast quit working & your demo looks cleaner and easier
silverfast se blew
silverfast se crashes; this is worht a shot!
Silverfast SE crashing
SilverFast SE does not work
Silverfast SE funktioniert nicht richtig
Silverfast SE horrible
Silverfast SE included with scanner was hard to use
SilverFast SE is crap!
silverfast se isnt always the best
Silverfast software is $300 USD
SilverFast software registration is arcane and sucks
Silverfast software that came with scanner is HORRIBLE
silverfast software;  nightmare to use
SilverFast stinks
Silverfast stopped working
Silverfast stopped working
Silverfast stopped working on my computer
Silverfast stopped working; annoying
SilverFast sucked
Silverfast SUCKS
silverfast sucks
silverfast SUCKS
Silverfast Sucks
silverfast sucks
Silverfast sucks
silverfast sucks
silverfast sucks
Silverfast sucks
SilverFast SUCKS
silverfast sucks
Silverfast sucks
SilverFast sucks
silverfast sucks
Silverfast sucks
silverfast sucks
Silverfast sucks
silverfast sucks :-)
SilverFast Sucks :-P
silverfast sucks at scanning negatives
silverfast sucks!
Silverfast sucks!
Silverfast sucks!
Silverfast sucks.  Good scratch and dust removal
Silverfast sucks. Silverfast is expensive and has produced too many random errors for me. Vuescan simply works (but; should have better usuability...)
Silverfast sucks...
silverfast sucks... too bad i didn't find vuescan sooner :(
SilverFast sucs at finding frames and batches
Silverfast supplied with scanner unsatisfactory and charges for upgrade to use with Vista
Silverfast Sux
SilverFast Sux
Silverfast to complex
Silverfast to expensive and no update for 10.7 yet
silverfast to expensive to upgrade to XP; you support multiple devices
Silverfast too difficult to use and expensive
SilverFast too difficult to use and results unpredictable.
silverfast too expansive
Silverfast too expensive
silverfast too expensive ;-)
Silverfast too expensive; I like profiling support and multiple scanner support
Silverfast too expensive; Mac OS X Lion
silverfast too expensive; minolta's own s'ware didn't work
silverfast too expensive; vuescan feels more professional
Silverfast UI is awful. I want to scan negatives and slides in a user friendly environment.
Silverfast und OSX Lion
Silverfast unreliable
SilverFast Unstable on Intel Pro
Silverfast upgrade need
Silverfast upgrade way too espensive
silverfast upgrd broken; sick of needing two products for two scanner; etc.
SilverFast user interface drove me bonkers
Silverfast wanetd to much money for their upgrades
silverfast was  c***
silverfast was destroying my sanity
Silverfast was to confusing for me
silverfast way to expensive
Silverfast will not work with firewire to SCSI converter
SilverFast won't support firewire connection with SCSI adapter
Silverfast won't update for my system
silverfast wont work on pc
Silverfast won't work with Lion
Silverfast won't work with scanner and 10.6
Silverfast works only with Panther and bad
silverfast would not work
Silverfast wouldn't work!
SilverFaste funktioniert nicht
Silverfast's UI annoys me.
SilverFastSE lied.  It doesn't run on OSX10.3
Simple; Silverfast serial problems in upgrade = frustrated and moving
Simpler and better results than Silverfast
Simpler than Silverfast
Simpler than Silverfast
Simpler than SilverFast
Simpler than Silverfast
simpler than silverfast
Simpler than Silverfast
Simpler than Silverfast with better results
simplicity (got silverfast)
Simplicity cf. silverfast
Simplicity versus Silverfast
Single license works with multiple scanners; software developed with technology that silverfast is falling behind on
Sinplicity and cost savings over Silverfast
So much easier to use than Silverfast!
so much easyer to usw than silverfast
So much nicer than silverfast or epson software. And if Knuth likes it; that's good enough for me.
Software delivered with scanner does not work (SilverFast). Constantly crashes my maschine. Fed up; don't want to spend anymore time trying; like VueScan.
Speed and quality of scan. Multi-sample works better than Silverfast
Stuck with SilverFast SE
Superior results scanning negatives (vs. Silverfast)
superior to Silverfast
Supplied Silverfast is rubbish
Supplied Silverfast software shit
suppliment Silverfast
Support is better than Silverfast
Supports many scanners; Silverfast has greedy upgrade and cross-grade pricing.
switch to osx; prior used Silverfast; upgrading from old version is expensive; compared both SF and VS. Impressed by VS. 1 prog for 3 Linux; Win and OSX. Enthusiastic about the batch scanning capabilities. Did not like the study I had to do from all the differen SF versions. Tested very well and found no problems in dark areas; according to some reviews this is/ was a problem of VS.
Switching from Silverfast
Switching from Silverfast
Switching from SilverFast Ai
Tested against Nikon and Silverfast and preferred results
testing software (+drum +imacon +silverfast)
tests better than silverfast
The alternative is Silverfast :-|
The included Silverfast is way too complicated
The much better frame splitting than in Silverfast
The Nikon Scan software does not detect the scanner more than half the time; and your product seemed interesting and less expensive than Lasersoft Silverfast ai
The Silverfast driver is inconsistent;  i.e.;  lots of scanner not connected error messages
The Silverfast SW is NOT user friendly and people who bought this scanner on Amazon recommended this SW as a fix.
The software supplied with the scanner; Silverfast Si; is not supported by Vista 64. Also; Vuescan has the reputation for producing the best scans. I'll be doing post processing in PhotoShop CS3 and don't need the image adjustment features in Silverfast
Tired of AI Silverfast's high pricing
Tired of how buggy Silverfast is.
tired of paying silverfast; and good review
Tired of SilverFast
Tired of Silverfast
tired of silverfast
Tired of SilverFast
Tired of Silverfast
tired of silverfast
tired of SilverFast crashing!!!
Tired of SilverFast; better features and UI
Tired of using Silverfast
To improve scan quality over Silverfast & Epson
to replace Epson and Silverfast AI software
To replace SilverFast
To replace silverfast;I had encounetr too many problems
Top-Quality; better than Nikon or Silverfast
Total exasperation with Silverfast
Trial convinced me that scan output Vuescan is much better than Silverfast/Scangear
trial is much easier to use than the silverfast that came with my scanner
Trial version actually works without crashing on Lion unlike SilverFast 8
tried demo and get better results than Silverfast
Tried Nikon Scan/SilverFast. VueScan is the best to date.
tried NkScan; SilverFast & VueScan - VueScan best
Tried Silverfast before....
Tried Silverfast but yours is simpler and better
Tried to use the steam pile of garbage called silverfast that came with scanner. Your demo worked with zero pain. No wacky installer. No CD based copy protection. Joy was felt by all.
trouble with Silverfast Ai
trouble with silverfast se
true multiscan not available from silverfast for i900; like the raw output feature
try it out and compare to Silverfast
Try this instead of Silverfast
UI of Silverfast is not the yellow of the egg. ;-)
UMAX Astra Net e5470 no longer supported under OS X; nor does SilverFast -- switching back to OS 9.2.2 to scan an image has become too much of a hassle. VueScan appears to work -- and I'm tired of trying to edit out those little dollar signs ;-)
Unhappy w/ Silverfast
"unhappy with bundled software (clipping of bw neg scans); don't like Silverfast interface & price; need IR files to clean old BW negs in Photoshop (your built-in ""cleaner"" doesn't work well btw) "
unhappy with Silverfast
Unhappy with Silverfast
Unhappy with Silverfast; need better features than packaged software that came with scanner.  Have tested demo version and like results.
upgrade to silverfast stopped it working!!
usability; better quality and speed than silverfast; more options
use on other scanners unlike silverfast
Use with multiple scanners; value over competitor (Silverfast)
useable- unlike silverfast
Used in the past; Silverfast currently fails to connect to scanner at all; this connected immediately on trial
Used Silverfast and don't want to keep buying a new version for every scanner
Used Silverfast for years but having problems with a few negatives. Tried Vuescan and am really impressed. Will email for technical help but I use the specialNikon 869GR holder and had a couple of issues lining up scan but got it running anyhow
User friendly; robust (had enough of SilverFast)
Using Vuescan with black/white negatives; it seems to maintain details in whites (no overexposure)!  Though I like its color negative exposure abilities too; I have not had success with its color balance capabilites on those same color negatives.  I do not know if IT8 targets would help this.  For most of the color negatives I have tried ;Silverfast has gotten much better color accuracy results without even using an IT8 target.  I wish I knew why; and if I had confirmation that pro version of Vuescan with IT8 target would help then I might buy that.
vastly better than packaged silverfast software
Very fast scans compared to Silverfast; export as DNG raw files (not some proprietary raw format!); working software compared to Silverfast; and good price. Good package; all in all.
Verzweiflung über Silverfast
VueScan appears to work well on my hardware.  I couldn't even get a scan started with SilverFast's demos.
Vuescan demo tested better than Silverfast
VueScan gave superior results compared to SilverFast SE
Vuescan is better than Nikon Scan and Silverfast!
Vuescan is better than SilverFastSE
Vuescan makes it work under MacOs 10.6 in better quality than Silverfast ever did before
Vuescan offers capabilities Epson Scan doesnt & its cheaper than SilverFast!
VueScan seems to be mutch better software for G4050 than Silverfast or bundled hp-software.
vuescan/silverfast ... you won!
want alternative for Silverfast
want alternative to silverfast
Want more control; SilverFast too expensive
Want to compare with Silverfast SE
Wanted alternatives to Epson and Silverfast
wanted copy to printer (photocopier) mode; alternate to Silverfast AI & Nikonscan
Wanted histogram - used Silverfast but does not support Canon LiDE 500F
Wanted Something Cheaper than Silverfast that did Multi-Sampling that worked with Polaroid
Wanted the power of Silverfast full version at a lower price
Was going to buy Silverfast; but their purchase website is expensive and impossible to understand how to just get a basic version.
way better than Silverfast
Weak Silverfast Support
wechsel von silverfast
weg von Silverfast
Well; Nikon does not support Leopard and my experience with Silverfast not solving problems for previous versions was not too good.
What they sent Silverfast does not work
Will nicht mehr Silverfast upgraden
will Silverfast ersetzen
will work with all my scanners for a one-off fee (unlike silverfast)
Win 7 support & price over silverfast
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit wird weder von Twain noch mit Silverfast HDR-Studio für Epson-Scanner unterstützt - Ihre Software funktioniert - Besten Dank!
With mac OSX the support from Microtek for the correct drivers is extremely bad; and after testing Vuescan; I found it to be superior to scan wizard etc.....(and cheaper than Silverfasts solution too!). Thankyou!
work on Mac OS 10.5 (SilverFast 6.5.5r4 certainly does not!)
Worked better than silverfast
Working more stable than original Reflecta SW and SilverFast SW
Works as well as SilverFast; cost less
works better than silverfast
Works better than Silverfast
Works better w.old B/W slides than Silverfast
Works better w/ win7 64 than SilverFast
Works MUCH better than Silverfast series
works on linux and seems better than silverfast se on windows
Works where Scanwizard and Silverfast do not; good color
Your product allows me to access my legacy scanners and new ones as well- all on OSX; with one piece of software -one at a time as needed. Unlike the Silverfast rip-off;  one machine per purchase. Love your concept and I am growing to like your software (on demo so far) as I learn - all at a far more reasonable cost for the much embattled small operater - keep up the good work - look forward to future updates and may be new features.
your software makes Silverfast a crime to bundle with the plustek