VueScan Newsletter - September 2017

We’re sorry! It has been a long time since we sent out a newsletter. It is a balance of not wanting to clog up everyone’s inbox but also make sure that our customers are up to date with our latest developments. We think we have left it a little too long, so here are the latest facts, statistics and updates for you!

Our latest version 9.5.84, was released on the 2nd September 2017. Please remember that you do not have to download the latest version, only if you would like the updates. You can also download previous versions.

All of these questions and more information can be found on our Support Page and FAQ. If you have any questions at all, please check here as the majority of the emails we receive are covered by the answers on this page. If you are having problems or have found a technical error then we would really appreciate it if you could send us a Problem Report. (Details on how to do this are found on our Support page.)

How many scanners does VueScan support?

We now support over 3920 scanners on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. We regularly add new scanners and, if technically possible, any scanners that our customers have requested. Since the last newsletter, we’ve added support for hundreds of new scanners, and you can use most of these without needing to install anything except for VueScan.

New features of VueScan

We recently added support for automatically installing drivers for the scanner in most printer/scanner/copiers. This means you just need to install VueScan 9.5.84 and the scanner on top of your printer will work with VueScan. These are often pretty good scanners too, and fairly fast.

We’ve also fixed hundreds of problems with various scanners as well as adding many new features.

Many people have reported problems with some older scanners that they were able to fix by using a newer (and sometimes shorter) USB cable or using a different USB port.

We’ve created some useful how-to guides here. These include how to scan lots of photos on a flatbed or document feeder – a great productivity improvement.

Help us in your own country!

We have recently updated our website and added full translation for 29 languages. As many of our customers are from non English speaking countries we wanted to make sure that our scanner information pages are as correct as possible.

BUT, could we please ask for your help? We know that there may still be some words or sentences that need correcting. PLEASE, if this is your language and you spot a mistake email us and let us know. We have already had some German customers contact us (Danke) and we really appreciate it. You can find a link to all of the languages here. Thank you! Email

Helping our environment

As many of our customers know, it has been a common practice for many years for scanner manufacturers to stop supporting scanners when a new operating system is announced, the latest driver is not released and the only way for the scanner to continue to work is to use alternative software. But, compared to other devices, many types of scanners have not seen so many technological advances, and we realise that people are loath to discard it when there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. As we study the reasons why our customers purchase, we have calculated that VueScan has prevented over 412,500 scanners from going to landfill sites around the world. Understandably, we are proud of the fact that VueScan is making a positive difference to our environment, and we know from the emails we receive that many people are delighted to be able to keep something perfectly usable.

Love VueScan?

Please tell your friends and colleagues if you love VueScan. You can use VueScan on up to four different computers that you personally use, with any combination of operating systems, with any number of scanners, both x32 and x64, with a single license – so let people know about us!