Hamrick Software was founded in 1991 by Ed Hamrick. Our first product was VuePrint, an easy to use JPEG viewer for Windows that for many years was the recommended image viewer for AOL, with more than 100,000 users. In 1998, the company first released VueScan, a program for scanning with flatbed and film scanners with more than 500,000 users all over the world.

Hamrick Software is a father and son team: Ed Hamrick and his son David Hamrick. Marketing and PR is handled by Beverley Nash at Nash Marketing.

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Ed Hamrick has always been interested in photography, and when he purchased his first film scanner (an HP PhotoSmart) in 1997 he decided to see if he could produce better quality scans than the software that came with the scanner. The result of this was a program called VueSmart. After upgrading to the Nikon LS-30, Ed modified VueSmart to support multiple scanners and renamed it VueScan. In the following years, Ed added support for many different scanners, and is constantly adding support for new scanners (now more than 3000), implementing suggestions from users, and adding new features. As a result, new versions of VueScan are released frequently.

Ed graduated with honors from the California Institute of Technology (CalTech) with a degree in Engineering and Applied Science. He worked for three years at NASA/JPL as a programmer, and worked at Boeing as a programmer and manager for ten years. Subsequently, Ed worked for five years at Convex Computer Corporation as a Systems Engineer and Systems Engineering Manager. Ed is also the inventor of six granted patents in biofuels technology and is the majority owner of the Russian company NanoTaiga, developing technology for extracting nanocellulose from softwood. Ed is married and has four children. He speaks fluent English, Russian and German. You can read more in an interview Ed gave.

Before Hamrick Software, David worked as a contract iOS developer, primarily for Mercury Intermedia. There he was part of a team that developed 3 applications that were ranked #1 overall in the iOS app store and 14 apps that were ranked #1 in their category. David has also worked in the research and development and robotics fields. David is an alumnus of Vanderbilt University where he studied Computer Engineering and Engineering management. David currently lives in Nashville, TN after having lived in England for 10 years.

Professor Donald Knuth, the world's most-renowned computer scientist (and someone whose books on computer programming I've owned for 40 years), purchased VueScan in 2004. He also graciously allowed me to use this quote from him:

"I just purchased the Pro version of VueScan and I expect it will make me very happy."

Douglas U. has been a customer for 20 years, and recently wrote:

    Over the last twenty years you have responded to my many emails asking
    for help.  I have used Vuescan Pro since graduate school in 1994. It is
    easily the best product I've ever used for scanning. I wanted to thank
    you for continuously upgrading this product over the years. When you
    retire, I hope this product keeps moving on as greatly as you have built
    it so far.

    Douglas U.

    Thanks for answering all of my stupid support questions over the last
    twenty years.

Scanning thousands of negatives, Thomas N. Wheeler has found that VueScan has made his life so much easier!

"VueScan saves the day for 10,000 images"

Hamrick Software's industry-leading product helps George E. Todd create high quality images for publishing.

"VueScan provides me with the quality I need"

Scanning thousands of negatives and glass plates, David Phillips uses industry-leading product VueScan to ensure survival of photographic history.

"VueScan helps keep alive the history of our country"

VueScan allows the Šechtl & Voseček Museum of Photography to digitize, archive, retouch and prepare digital reproduction from negatives and photographs dating since 1865.

"VueScan enables 18,000 photographs to be digitized – allowing the preservation of national history for the Czech Republic"

Larry Blank is an internationally known Music Director, Composer, Arranger and Orchestrator. Larry composes and then scans hand written music on 11x17 (A3) paper.

"VueScan has allowed me to take music to the world markets"

Dawn Campbell, co-owner of a web and print design company in Alberta, Canada, uses VueScan, and nothing else to produce some wonderful unique floral images. Her photo gallery is at the top of the popular galleries on pBase.com and she specialises in scanning flowers.

"VueScan allows me the details in my scan that I could never get from my camera"

Chet Wisniewski is the Senior Creative Designer for General Motors in Warren, MI, USA - and works on automotive interior design.

"I need to scan quickly, and not fiddle much with post-processing"

John Chapman, a lecturer in graphics, multimedia and programming at RMIT University, uses VueScan to prepare the images that illustrate the books that he writes and publishes. These books include 'Day Walks Victoria', 'Bushwalking in Australia' and 'Day Walks Tasmania'.

"VueScan lets me extract the maximum possible from the scanner"

Dave Palmer, a retired IBMer from Oakville, WA, had a lifetime of slides to scan, edit, name and co-ordinate.

"VueScan is perfect for my batch-scanning needs"

John-Mark Stensvaag, a law professor from Iowa City, USA, has five children and over 10,000 slides chronicling family life.

"VueScan's Autoscan feature does everything perfectly"

Steve Bellinger is a very keen amateur photographer who had 6,000 negatives and 500 photos to scan.

"I wanted control over the scanning of my image AND the output of my file"

Winfried Schwolgin writes for photography journals in Germany, is an active member in a regional photography club, and is the author of a book in Germany about Digitale Dunkelkammertechnik, (Digital Darkroom Techniques).

"VueScan lets me integrate all my scanners into a color management workflow"

Les. Hughes, Editor and Publisher Jaguar Magazine:

"Vuescan is like magic and transformed the program which came with my expensive CanoScan FS4000 slide scanner all those years ago. I am a professional small business magazine and book publisher (www.jaguarmagazine.com) and your Vuescan allows me to scan anything to the same standard as the 'big boys', saving me a small fortune and giving me the flexibility I need to publish on time. Your service back-up is also impeccable.

With one of Norway's largest aviation photo archives on slide, Kjell Granlund of Scandinavian Aviation Photography has used to VueScan to digitize around 15,000 images and is still adding new slides. Some can be seen at www.scanavphoto.no. Kjell says: "Without batch-scanning in VueScan this task would have been impossible. I get the required quality for digital preview and can return to the slide for a higher quality scan as required."

Stan Brown of Miami University Library:

Students at Miami University use VueScan in their library for all their needs. In charge of the library, Stan Brown says that VueScan is soon to be used on their digitising projects. "VueScan does the best job for us - we are very pleased with its functionality and efficiency"


Just a quick note to let you know how happy we at Imagerylab.com are with your VueScan software. One very helpful feature of VueScan is it's ability to 'remember' previous settings for different types of film media. We don't have to constantly re-setup VueScan whenever we switch between B/W and color-reversal film types. VueScan remembers previous setting based on film type and this saves us in setup time.

Also, our business is attracting high quality photographers who recognize the benefits of our scanning using VueScan software.

Sacalobra Studios:

Thank you very much for integrating the support for the Nikon Coolscan 9000 as well as the Coolscan 5000 - the frame alignment works like a charm!

Finally all the hassle with the Nikon support is over: I've purchased a serial number and installed the latest version.

Incredible details, no jaggies even in enlargements @ 300%, very smooth color gradients, fantastic shadow details and much, much more. The list is long!. Even without multi sample scanning the images render much more detailed an sharper compared to the Nikon Scan software.

Your latest VueScan brings back the 'art of scanning' high quality slides from 35mm to 6x9 cm. It's amazing how fast VueScan works with the Nikon scanners now - it's like steroids on the machines!

Last but not least: the color rendition is absolutely superb - now we don't have any problems scanning Fuji Velvia 50 (the old one!).

10 out of 10 stars for you! **********

With kind regards / Con saludos cordiales / Mit freundlichen Grüssen

jens g.r. benthien

Red Jacket Shaft Video-Photo:

This is just a note to let you know how pleased I am with my recent purchase of VueScan. I run a small, home-based business designing DVDs for people, transferring photos, negatives, movie film, etc., and of course, I do a lot of slide scanning. My Nikon SuperCoolscan 5000s (both with SF-210 bulk adaptors) are great, but the Nikon Scan software always left a lot to be desired; it was slow, crashed often, and with the installation of Tiger (10.4.2) it worked even more sporadically, scanning a slide or two, and then freezing.

As a matter of fact, it seems to me now that a lot of the batch scanning stoppages I experienced were NOT due to the jamming of the SF-210 bulk feeder, but were Nikon Scan software related instead.

I am currently in the middle of a 3500-slide job, and after arriving at the perfect combination of settings for Kodachrome slides, I have experienced no problems or jams yet. I like the ability to save different setups, as well.

I plan to try it soon with my Epson 4870 as well.

Thanks for a great product!

Mike Edwards

Larry Auton - long-time VueScan user:

I've been a user of Vuescan on Linux since July 2001. Today, I scanned a batch of negatives and was reminded what an outstanding product you provide. Thanks for years of great service.

Larry Hogrewe, Pond Films:

It works perfectly, I will always be in your debt. I was about to buy Lasersoft for $500.00. Again thank you for a wonderful product.

Bill Van Dyck - long-time VueScan user:

Thank you for VueScan. I have owned it and raved about my results using it for years now. Honestly, I don't remember how long I have been a VueScan user, but I still get excited every time I download one of your free updates. I use VueScan to get slides and negatives (35mm & 120) into my computer and there is not a single product on the market that works as well. Your continual effort to make VueScan the best product available has been impressive.

My original version of VueScan was an outstanding product that turned an old scanner from photographically useless to a very good image maker. Today's VueScan is a much better product than that original version and the results it produces on my current scanner are simply fantastic. I can't wait to see what you do in the upcoming years.

Again, thank you for VueScan and all of those free updates. Needless to say that VueScan is my recommendation to any friend or acquaintance that uses a scanner.

Seiss Wagner - Architect:

I purchased VueScan when I wanted more then what my Umax in the box scanner software provided. When I purchased VueScan I assumed your interest in supporting the software would quickly wane and I would be looking for other developers products.

I have now been using VueScan for nearly 10 years and I am happy to say I have never looked elsewhere. I use VueScan for production drawing work, and hand crafted presentation work imported to PhotoShop for editing.

I have no hesitation in recommending your software to other design professional and have done so many times. I always preface my recommendation with the comment that your product support is fastidious.

THANK YOU for doing such a great job over the years.

19 June 2019 VueScan Adds Full Support for 30 Film Scanners From Pacific Image Electronics

3 December 2018 VueScan 9.6.22 Adds Support for macOS Mojave's Dark Mode

17 January 2017 VueScan software stops 412,500 scanners going to landfill sites

24 June 2016 Hamrick Software Reaches Landmark in Scanner Support: Over 3000 Scanners Supported by VueScan

9 May 2016 VueScan Adds Support for imageFORMULA Document Scanner Range from Canon

9 May 2014 VueScan Adds Support for Wireless Canon Laser Printers

29 January 2014 VueScan Reaches 400,000 Customers

17 June 2013 VueScan Adds Support for 59 Fujitsu Document Scanners

20 March 2013 VueScan Mobile App Adds Camera Scanning for Android

16 March 2013 VueScan Adds Support for 339 Brother Scanners

8 March 2013 Hamrick Software Has Released the Latest Version of Its VueScan Mobile App with a Camera Scanning Function

18 January 2013 VueScan Mobile App now available for Android devices

11 March 2012 VueScan 9.0.85 Adds Support for Windows 8

23 January 2012 VueScan Mobile App offers free version

18 August 2011 VueScan Mobile App Debuts on the App Store

10 August 2011 Free VueScan competitive upgrade for SilverFast users

22 April 2011 VueScan Adds WiFi Support For All HP, Canon and Epson MFPs

10 March 2011 VueScan adds support for Mac OS X Lion

7 December 2010 VueScan 9 x64 Adds Support for Windows x64 and 64-bit Mac OS X and Linux

1 November 2010 VueScan Opens the Way for Photoshop Users

15 September 2010 VueScan 8.6.58 Adds Support for new Canon Scanners and Multi-Core Scanning

29 May 2010 VueScan 8.6.33 Adds Support for Searchable PDF Files

9 May 2010 VueScan 8.6.29 Now Twice as Fast and Responsive

13 January 2010 VueScan 8.6 Supports Scanners on Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6

7 September 2009 VueScan Enhances OCR Support as it Reaches Over 200,000 Customers

28 April 2009 VueScan Opens it's Doors to Education

11 December 2008 Free Upgrade to VueScan 8.5 to Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary

27 August 2008 VueScan 8.4.82 Now Supports Over 1200 Scanners

30 July 2008 VueScan 8.4.79 Now Supports 24 Languages

29 May 2008 VueScan 8.4.73 Adds Support for Multi-core Processors

8 May 2008 VueScan 8.4.71 Adds Support for Multi-Page Documents

19 February 2008 VueScan 8.4.60 Fully Supports Skew Correction

14 November 2007 VueScan 8.4.46 Fully Supports Mac OS X Leopard

28 September 2007 VueScan Downloaded More Than Five Million Times

15 February 2007 VueScan Supports More Than 500 Scanners With Windows Vista

5 December 2006 VueScan in Top 5 Downloaded Programs for Mac OS X

28 September 2006 VueScan 8.3.68 Breaks the 32-bit Barrier

18 July 2006 VueScan 8.3.55 improves speed perforamnce by 50% and revolutionises look and feel

10 April 2006 VueScan 8.3.36 supports full range of Hewlett-Packard scanners

15 February 2006 VueScan 8.3.28 continues to fully support all Konica Minolta scanners

16 January 2006 VueScan 8.3.23 supports Apple Macintosh with Intel Processors

7 November 2005 VueScan 8.3 Adds New Technology for Infrared Film Cleaning

3 May 2005 Hamrick Software Nominated for Best Imaging Software by MacWorld U.K.

6 April 2005 Hamrick Software Adds OCR to VueScan

1 March 2005 Hamrick's VueScan Now Supports PDF File Creation

14 February 2005 Hamrick Software's VueScan Saves Marriage

15 December 2004 Hamrick's VueScan 8.1.14 Improves Color of Canon and Epson scanners

1 November 2004 Hamrick's VueScan 8.1.5 now supports entire range of Canon scanners

4 October 2004 Hamrick Software Releases VueScan 8.1

7 September 2004 Hamrick Software Updates VueScan 8.0

14 July 2004 Hamrick Software Updates VueScan 8.0

12 May 2004 Hamrick Software Ships VueScan 8.0 for Mac OS X and Windows

6 March 2004 VueScan Adds Infrared Film Scanning for EPSON 4870 SCANNER

July 2017 Macworld "Breathe new life into your old scanner with this handy scanning tool"

July 2016 Outdoor Photography Canada "VueScan is inexpensive, versatile and easy-to-use scanning software that allows photographers to get high quality out of a huge variety of flatbed and film scanners"

March 2015 GIGA Software VueScan ist ein Scan-Tool, das eine ganze Reihe nützlicher Funktionen beim Scannen eurer Papiervorlagen bietet. (VueScan is a scanning tool that provides a number of useful functions for scanning your paper documents.)

October 2014 PC Magazine "Delivers higher-quality output than the drivers that come with most scanners."

October 2011 MacLife "Instead of buying new hardware, there's a software remedy."

3 August 2010 Computer Shopper "Hamrick Software's VueScan Professional is our favourite cross-platform scanner interface"

June 2010 Smart Computing "If you frequently scan printed documents or film images, we think you'll love it. We did."

14 September 2009 PC World "If you really like your venerable flatbed scanner, and have no desire to discard it, VueScan can be your answer."

13 September 2009 Washington Post "if your scanner is valuable enough to you, Hamrick Software's VueScan can probably keep it operational"

January 2009 Computer Express Magazine "superior user interface, well thought-out features and great value"

August 2008 Computer Shopper Magazine "it's an essential program for any photo enthusiast"

23 June 2008 Mac Guild "VueScan is great for hobbyists ... as well as for advanced users"

May 2008 Advanced Photoshop Magazine "It is extremely easy to get good results"

January 2008 Photography Corner "I was really impressed with VueScan and how easy it was to use"

22 September 2007 Amateur Photographer "VueScan excels ... will save you upgrading your expensive hardware ... extraordinarily good value."

August 2007 MacWorld Magazine "If you've got an older scanner ... or a supported scanner that's sorely lacking software features - check out VueScan"

July 2007 Connected Photographer "VueScan earns itself a perfect score of 5 out of 5."

June 2007 Windows XP: The Official Magazine "Save our scanners! Get trusty scanners working once again."

May 2007 MacFormat Magazine "There's no need to throw an old scanner away - try VueScan instead!"

11 May 2007 Applelinks "I've found that VueScan lives up to its claims, and is a powerful and pleasant, even fun to use piece of software."

May 2006 Digital Camera Shopper "VueScan really can create very high quality scans from almost any scanner."

29 March 2006 Mac360 "If I believed in magic, I'd swear that Ed Hamrick has some sprinkled into VueScan."

December 2005 Connected Photographer "Wouldn't I be better off using the software from my vendor? The answer, simply, is no. VueScan will almost always give you better quality, color and output options."

October 2005 Photography Monthly "In PM's opinion, the choice between the two is a no-brainer: the superior user interface, well thought-out features and great value make VueScan the clear winner. Thoroughly recommended."

12 October 2005 Technofile "VueScan won my admiration in a heartbeat. It became part of my image-scanning routine almost immediately."

6 August 2005 Amateur Photographer "It delivers high quality scans without any fuss ... it is quite possibly the only scanner driver you will ever need"

August 2005 MACUP Magazin "grosse Funktionsvielfalt und ausgezeichnetes Preis-Leistungs-Verhaeltnis (large variety of functions and excellent price performance ratio)"

April 2005 About.com Review "for slides and negatives, VueScan is truly a God-send"

April 2005 photo-i mini review of VueScan "VueScan is a professional quality application at an affordable price"

February 2005 cuk.ch Mac Reviews (French language) (English translation) "VueScan can effectively replace the software provided with your device."

December 2004 Imaging Resource "we liked the results VueScan delivered and were particularly impressed with its handling of color negatives"

December 2004 iCreate Magazine "Take the chore out of scanning and editing your files and photos with this scanning and image-correction software"

October 2004 Shutterbug "VueScan 8.0 is the Swiss Army Knife for 100 different scanners and now supports raw files for 109 digital cameras. "

18 October 2004 Macworld "VueScan opens the door to professional-quality scanner control, and while it won't make you a pro overnight, it will give you the necessary tools at an amazingly low price."

August 2004, Computer User "VueScan seems to produce better digital images from my reflective and transparency originals than my two scanners' stock software."

August 2004 Macintosh User's Group "If you have a scanner and the software doesn't do much for you I would suggest that you give VueScan a try"

27 July 2004 PC Magazine "should be of interest to imaging pro or enthusiast who wants the best possible photo scan quality"

21 June 2004 LowEndMac.com "If you're serious about scanning, it's well worth downloading a demo copy to try out."

16 April 2004 applelinks.com "I've found that VueScan lives up to its claims, and is a powerful and pleasant, even fun to use piece of software."

29 February 2004 PC Photo Review "To say it works is an understatement. I have used all of the other high dollar and native programs and this one rocks."

July 2002 Mac Addict Magazine "Ed Hamrick's VueScan is a pretty remarkable program" (and awarded "Best Utility" award for 2002)