"VueScan lets me integrate all my scanners into a color management workflow."

Hamrick Software's industry-leading product helps Winfried Schwolgin write book about Digital Darkroom Techniques

Winfried Schwolgin complements a professional life based on his university degree in mathematics with a vocation for photography. He writes for renowned photography journals and is an active member in a regional photography club. In his professional articles he particularly advocates consistent color management from exposure to print and the use of shareware. These two issues also constitute the main focus of his book:

Digitale Dunkelkammertechnik, Fotobearbeitung und Farbmanagement mit Open-Source- und Shareware-Werkzeugen (Digital Darkroom Techniques, Image Editing and Color Management Based on Open Source and Shareware Tools)

Winfried chose VueScan as one component of color management workflow, because VueScan allows him to integrate all supported scanners into this workflow. This is possible regardless of the performance of the drivers provided by the scanner manufacturer. VueScan substantially expands the functional scope of many scanners. For the purpose of the book, another advantage is that the workflow described applies to all scanners.

The demonstrated workflow is based on a windows platform (Win98SE and XP), since there are few programs (photo editors, scan programs, print programs) that support color management with ICC profiles under linux (VueScan being the great exception). Winfried hopes that this will change, so that more color management products will run under linux in the future.

The scanner Winfried uses is a Canon FS4000US (with a SCSI interface) and an Epson Perfection 2450 Photo. By expanding its functional scope through VueScan, the Canon scanner now meets all of Winfried's requirements.

Key VueScan features for Winfried Schwolgin: