"I wanted control over the scanning of my image AND the output of my file"

VueScan's features, speed and ease of use helps amateur photographer

Steve Bellinger is a very keen amateur photographer who had 6,000 negatives and 500 photos to scan.

"When I started to scan I was interested in the cataloguing side of the project. I was using Minolta software but very quickly realised it was not geared to volume scanning and was not going to allow me to rapidly create the electronic reference album that I wanted."

"I am currently running Windows XP on an AMD 64 bit system, and use a Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III and an Epson Stylus RX425 Photo."

Why VueScan?

"I have now used it for 18 months. It was recommended to me from a blog site. I wanted the best quality, and VueScan allows me to scan in bulk which was very important to me as well. I can easily change as many settings as I want and output to the file name with the correct sequence number to match the negative. The most important thing is the control that I have over my own scanning."

Did you consider other software?

"I researched other software packages including the Epson and Minolta software that came with their scanners but none came close to the control that VueScan gave me. The fact that it was highly recommended by independent sources, and that it allowed me to scan easily and quickly and gave me control over my cataloguing - all at a very reasonable price - means that I have not considered reviewing others."

How does VueScan benefit you?

"In summary - the ability to change settings, with control over both the scanning and the output of the files in a logical format enables me to get my photos straight into Adobe Photoshop ready for cataloging. It is the best software for scanning that I have found!"