"VueScan's Autoscan feature does everything perfectly"

Hamrick Software's industry-leading product "a big plus" for John-Mark Stensvaag

John-Mark Stensvaag, a law professor from Iowa City, USA, has five children and over 10,000 slides chronicling family life.

Getting a good reception

"Our biggest problem is the massive number of slides that we eventually want to scan. The one job we have completed is the scan of about 225 colour slides, reflecting the history of our 25-year-old daughter, who is getting married this month (July 2004)," says John-Mark. "We wanted a collection of digital images that she could use at her reception."

"My Nikon Coolscan came with scanning software, but no matter how we fiddled with it, we were unhappy with the colours, sharpness and so on. VueScan made it possible for us to select a single set of options, and thereby obtain very high-quality 4,000-dpi images."

"When we use VueScan's Autoscan feature, all we have to do is insert each slide. The software/scanner combination automatically scans the slide and saves an image with incrementally named files. The only thing we have to do is insert and remove slides. VueScan does everything else automatically. This is a big plus."

"When we have the time to continue on this slide archiving project, we know we have the right software for the job."

Key VueScan features for John-Mark Stensvaag:

Software: VueScan 7.6.84

Scanner: Nikon Super Coolscan

Computer: Windows XP, 3.4 MHz, 2 GB of RAM, 2 x 400 GB drives