"VueScan is perfect for my batch-scanning needs"

Hamrick Software's industry-leading product makes life easier for Dave Palmer

Dave Palmer, a retired IBMer from Oakville, WA, had a lifetime of slides to scan, edit, name and co-ordinate.

The challenge of over 6,000 slides

"My slides were simply a by-product of 40 years of picture taking," says Dave. "I needed something to free me from the miserable task of sitting by a computer for hours, scanning slide after slide.

"VueScan was attractive to me because it supports my scanner, the Nikon LS-2000, as well as a host of others. But what really impressed me was the batch processing capability, together with the slide naming and numbering, which was perfect for my needs. The number of input options and editing choices was also excellent."

Big time, big benefits

Dave reckons he has spent more than 33 days of elapsed time using VueScan in the last four months alone. "The big benefit to me was the ability to use a batch scanner and have software which supported it and offered me reasonable choices to set editing parameters.

"VueScan has simply made my life so much easier."

Key VueScan features for Dave Palmer: