"I need to scan quickly, and not fiddle much with post-processing"

VueScan's speed, options and image clarity helps a General Motors designer

Chet Wisniewski is the Senior Creative Designer for General Motors in Warren, MI, USA - and works on automotive interior design.

"I design automotive interiors, mostly sketches and finished renderings that you may see in Car, Automobile and other automotive publications."

"I am currently running OS X 10.3.6 on a G4 Macintosh sawtooth 450Mhz with 256 Meg of ram. I have used a Umax S-6E, which was the mainstay scanner, until OS X no longer supported it. I now have a CanoScan 9950F hooked with the firewire connection. I am looking to upgrade that system within the month to a G5 dual 2.5 GB processor."

Why VueScan?

"Basically, speed, options and clarity. The scanner hardware roughly determines its scan speed, but the clarity of the image will make or break workflow. If I go to a car show, and need to scan 20+ images, I need the speed to do it quickly, and not fiddle much with post-processing. The VueScan software seemed to fit that need with the amount of controls available in pre-scanning mode."

Why NOT the others?

"The bundles that come with Canon software seemed to over-emphasize its filters (dust and scratches, Unsharp mask, etc.). I use Photoshop both at work and at home (Adobe Photoshop CS), so I may be pickier about the images I need, but most existing, bundled software is very under-developed."

How does VueScan benefit you?

"I did notice that when using VueScan as the main scanner software, the 9950F scanned faster - by up to 40%. This was through the firewire 400 port. The additional previews available to me prior to final scanning were excellent, so that I didn't have to wait to see the final scan to determine what to do next-save the image or try again."

"The clarity and speed increase were reason enough to try and eventually purchase VueScan. Canon clearly has a long way to go when choosing a software to use with its scanners - unless your company helps them do it!"

Chet Wisniewski
Senior Creative Designer in Michigan for General Motors.

In his spare time, Chet is involved with the Detroit-area hotrod scene. He works for local hotrodders who have old images, photographs or timing tags, and would like some wall art. Check out: www.motorcityhotrod.com to see his work and VueScan in action.