"VueScan allows me the details in my scan that I could never get from my camera."

Hamrick Software's industry-leading product 'Changed the way I worked' for Dawn Campbell

Dawn Campbell, co-owner of a web and print design company in Alberta, Canada, uses VueScan, and nothing else to produce some wonderful unique floral images. Her photo gallery is at the top of the popular galleries on pBase.com and she specialises in scanning flowers.

Why Dawn started to scan

When Dawn took up photography two years ago she soon realised that her camera, the Canon 20D, could not produce the larger file sizes she wanted for her specialist flower images. Dawn had read an article about scanning 3D objects, and decided to experiment.

"My biggest problem was my inability to produce sufficiently detailed large-scale images with an 8 MP camera," says Dawn. "VueScan allows me to go from a 7MB image to create huge 80 or 90 MB images and to manipulate all the lighting effects, curve and color adjustments before I scan. It works perfectly, helping me to create well-lit images with unusual depth and detail. Because VueScan does all the work, the only post-processing required in Photoshop is a bit of sharpening as well as some contrast adjustments to bring out the texture, saving me a great deal of time." Her large images can now be submitted to stock photo agencies since agencies prefer an image that is a minimum of 50MB. VueScan allows Dawn to print the images on much larger canvases, making her work very successful as a 3 foot image has a great deal more impact than an 8x10" photo.

To get similar file sizes with a camera, Dawn would have to go large format and that would cost thousands of dollars - an expensive process. "Instead, I can do something similar with a $400 scanner and a $40 piece of software, and get as much, if not more, detail in the images."

Dawn also tried using SilverFast. "Because VueScan is so much more intuitive than SilverFast, I abandoned it and now only use VueScan".

Dawn's flower images have attracted a lot of attention, and she is planning on submitting them to more galleries. "VueScan gives me the quality and so much more detail than I could ever get from the camera. I am so pleased with the success that I have had with my images on the scanner. I never imagined I could do so much with something that is so reasonably priced."

Dawn has a PC Pentium IV with Windows XP Pro, and her scanner is the Epson Perfection 1650. To view her work visit: