(English translation of original Dutch-language review)

Trouble-free scanning, VueScan 8.5

There is software included with every (film) scanner and multifunctional printer or scanner. Usually it is simple software or a stripped down version. If you upgrade to a new version or even another operating system, the included scanning software is no longer usable. If you want more ways to scan documents, then Vuescan 8.5 from Hamrick Software is an excellent choice.

VueScan is available in Standard Edition ($39.95) and Professional Edition ($79.95). The Professional Edition has the ability to scan in the raw format, support for ICC profiles and color separations, IT8 color calibration and unlimited upgrade potential. The Standard Edition can only be upgraded for one year.

VueScan 8.5 is the latest version of this scanning program. The special feature of VueScan is mainly the possibility to use it with more than 100 different scanners. On my Canon multifunctional, it worked perfectly. After the release of Vista many older scanners were not working. VueScan has no problem, so your old scanner still can be used. With VueScan you have full control over your scan object whether a paper or a film scan is concerned.

Settings like resolution, bit depth, file format, color balance, exposure and distortion can be changed. Filters (such as grain reduction, sharpening / replacement, color etc.), distortions, cropping and color adjustments can be set. This is all in the Advanced mode. You can also lean backwards and use the scanning wizards. They guide you step-by-step through the scanning process and automatically pick the best setting. VueScan can scan in different formats such as jpg, tif and pdf. In addition, Adobe's DNG file format can be used to store raw scans.


VueScan from Hamrick Software is a great program for beginners (with the help of wizards) and for professional users (many settings - calibration and ICC profiles) to make good scans.