VueScan Scanner Software

Is your scanner no longer supported by your operating system? Or are you looking for more functionality from your scanner than it came with? Download VueScan. It replaces the software that came with your scanner - so you get better scans and a longer life for your hardware.

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Compatible with over 3000 scanners

VueScan is compatible with over 3000 different scanners on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The best way to see if your scanner works is to download VueScan (it only takes 60 seconds) You can also check this list of supported scanners.

Why buy new when you can upgrade instantly and for less?

VueScan saves your scanner, saves you money and offers powerful new features you can’t find anywhere else - not even from the manufacturer. Use VueScan to keep your scanner from obsolescence (and from the landfill).

VueScan Mobile for iOS and Android

If you have an iPad, iPhone or Android phone or tablet, you can use VueScan Mobile Free for scanning. This is a completely free program that works with the built-in camera and most networked HP, Canon, Epson, Brother and Samsung scanners.

Outputs scans in a variety of formats

VueScan can output scanned documents, photos, and film in PDF, JPEG and TIFF formats. It can also recognize text using OCR and create multi-page pdfs using both flatbed scanners and scanners with automatic document feeders

Great for beginner and pro users

We built VueScan so that two completely different types of users can use it. Beginners only need to run VueScan and press the 'Scan' button. Pro users can change to either the 'Standard' or 'Professional' options to unlock powerful features to have complete control over their scans.

Flexible licensing

You can use VueScan on up to four different computers that you personally use, with any combination of operating systems, with any number of scanners, both x32 and x64, with a single license. Standard Edition has free upgrades for a year, Professional Edition has unlimited free upgrades.

"Delivers higher-quality output than the drivers that come with most scanners."

"If you really like your venerable flatbed scanner, and have no desire to discard it, VueScan can be your answer."

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"If you've got an older scanner ... or a supported scanner that's sorely lacking software features - check out VueScan"

"If your scanner is valuable enough to you, Hamrick Software's VueScan can probably keep it operational"

"It is extremely easy to get good results"

"VueScan excels ... will save you upgrading your expensive hardware ... extraordinarily good value."

VueScan Downloads

VueScan was released on , and you can read about what's new in this version. You can get more information in the Release Notes.

If you've never used VueScan, you can get more information from the VueScan User's Guide (also available in PDF). There is also a list of supported scanners.

Windows Mac OS X Linux
VueScan 9.5 x32 9.5.55 9.5.55 9.5.55
VueScan 9.5 x64 9.5.55 9.5.55 9.5.55
VueScan 9.4 x32 9.4.67 9.4.67 9.4.67
VueScan 9.4 x64 9.4.67 9.4.67 9.4.67
VueScan 9.3 x32 9.3.22 9.3.22 9.3.22
VueScan 9.3 x64 9.3.22 9.3.22 9.3.22
VueScan 9.2 x32 9.2.25 9.2.25 9.2.25
VueScan 9.2 x64 9.2.25 9.2.25 9.2.25
VueScan 9.1 x32 9.1.21 9.1.21 9.1.21
VueScan 9.1 x64 9.1.21 9.1.21 9.1.21
VueScan 9.0 x32 9.0.96 9.0.96 9.0.96
VueScan 9.0 x64 9.0.96 9.0.96 9.0.96
VueScan 8.6 8.6.66 8.6.66 8.6.66
VueScan 8.5 8.5.41 8.5.41 8.5.41

Unfortunately, we don't have any other old versions of VueScan available.

Upgrade to the Latest Version

To upgrade to the latest version of VueScan, just click the version you want in the table above. It will automatically recognize if you've already purchased it, and the latest version should just work. You don't need to uninstall old versions before upgrading.

VueScan Editions

You can purchase two Editions of VueScan - Standard or Professional - but there is only one file to download. After you purchase and enter a serial number, the Standard Edition or Professional Edition features are enabled.

Standard Edition

  •  Free Trial
  •  Free Upgrades for 1 year
  •  No Film/Slide Scanning
  •  No OCR Text Files
  •  No Advanced Features

Professional Edition

  •  Free Trial
  •  Unlimited Free Upgrades
  •  Enable Film/Slide Scanning
  •  Create OCR Text Files
  •  Enable Advanced Features

You can use VueScan on up to four different computers that you personally use, with any combination of operating systems, with any number of scanners, both x32 and x64, with a single license.

You can use the version you purchase for as long as you want. You get free upgrades for one year with the Standard Edition and unlimited free upgrades with the Professional Edition.

There is usually an upgraded version of VueScan every week or two, and these include improvements, new features, support for additional scanners, bug fixes, and support for new operating systems like Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).

The VueScan Bible

The VueScan Bible is the "missing manual" for new, experienced, and prospective users of VueScan.

Sascha Steinhoff, author of the best-selling book Scanning Negatives and Slides 2nd edition, guides the reader through all stages of using VueScan, from the step-by-step installation through the workflow of scan preparation and scanning.

You can get more info about the book from the publisher, Rocky Nook.

The Illustrated Guide to Film Scanning

Scanning negative or transparency analogue film with a consumer grade desktop scanner can be a frustrating experience. This guide will help you get the most out of your analogue images. Follow the step-by-step workflows in this guide to scan an image just once, to obtain an analogue 'RAW file' that contains full highlight and shadow detail. Intended for enthusiast amateur and pro photographers who use or are willing to obtain Adobe Photoshop CS or higher, Silverfast or VueScan scanning software and the ColorPerfect plug-in. Finally, a clear guide to optimize your hybrid analogue to digital workflow.